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Cyber Security Certifications

Certified security training for those wishing to attain industry-recognised security certifications.

Courses that lead to certification


BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Assurance (IA) Architecture (PCiIAA)

5 Days

Practitioner Certificate in Cloud Security

5 Days

Cyber Certifications


Cyber Certification


Prospective employers, when assessing a security professional's capability and skills, look to their certifications as a measure of achievement and commitment to self development. We provide best-of-breed security certification training leading to internationally-recognised qualifications, from entry level CompTIA Security+ to our Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) course.

There are a number of varied technical and non-technical certifications providing delegates with detailed knowledge of the concepts relating to information security (confidentiality, integrity, availability, vulnerability, threats, risks and countermeasures), information assurance security architecture, and ethical hacking. A number of our cyber certification courses have been certified under the GCHQ Certified Training scheme. Anyone looking to enhance their cyber security skills, including those aspiring to certification as a CESG Certified Professional, can easily identify high-quality training by those that have achieved the GCHQ certified training accreditation.

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