Our Return | (Re)Train programme.

We welcome you back to work after a break – helping you refresh your skills, and develop new ones. It can feel daunting getting back into the office after some time away. But don’t worry. We’ll support you to build your confidence and make your move back to work go smoothly.

How will we support you?

Why return to train?

A lot of people find their priorities change after having a family or after time away from work. You can balance your work and your life. Our programme gives you the opportunity to pursue a new, flexible career. 

You can retrain as a coach or trainer – discovering your passion for helping, teaching and supporting others. Our flexible contracts mean that your work can fit flexibly around your life.

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Joanne Ashton Senior Learning Consultant
Juggling my career and being a mum? Possible – thanks to the understanding of the scheduling team.

My role officially requires me to work anywhere in the country, but I’m primarily responsible for childcare – so the team regularly schedules me in my home centre – and I work part time. Right now, my priority is my family and QA support me in this.

Katie Colborn Learner Services Manager
I joined QA when my firstborn was 8 months old. I manage the QA Learner Services team – a fantastic group of people. I don’t work overtime and I don’t feel under pressure to.

QA has helped me find ways to achieve my targets and goals anyway. When it gets too much, I tell someone. I have no guilt about this – I know that everyone supports me and I feel confident in expressing myself as a mother. and recently, as a carer of a terminally ill cancer patient. QA has given me all the space, time, support and care I have needed to keep things together. And be a mother and a daughter without any guilt – that’s a precious gift.

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