PRINCE2 7 has launched. We’re here to guide you through the changes.

What happens to my qualification after 3 years?

PeopleCert have announced that all of their global best practice qualifications must now be renewed after 3 years.
What this means is that 3 years after you pass your exam(s), you need to recertify or a note will be added next to your name in the successful candidate register, stating your certification needs to be renewed to align with current certification requirements.

This applies to:

Service Management Ecosystem


Project Management Ecosystem

PRINCE2® 5th and 6th Editions
PRINCE2® Agile
MSP® 4th and 5th Editions
M_o_R® 3rd and 4th Editions

What do I need to do?

There are 2 routes available for those looking to recertify:

All of our courses include exams in the price. We’d suggest Route 1 as it presents an opportunity for progression.

Route 1: Upskill to recertify

I currently have a single qualification

You can renew your certification by taking a new course from the same ecosystem.

This allows you to avoid retaking the same exam AND to gain a new qualification at the same time.

Eg: you can renew PRINCE2 Foundation by passing PRINCE2 Practitioner, or by passing MSP Foundation.

I have multiple qualifications in the same ecosystem

By taking a new course from the same product ecosystem, you can renew all of your certifications in one go.

Eg: If you already have both ITIL Foundation & ITIL Specialist: High Velocity IT, you can recertify these by taking any other ITIL Specialist or Extension Module.

What can QA do for me?

We can offer recertification discounts (dependent on eligibility – please enquire), for those wishing to upskill their people/themselves in order to recertify.

Route 2: Retake to retain

I currently have a single qualification

You can retake the same course and exam as before. Upon passing, you’ll retain your certification for another 3 years.

Eg: If you have ITIL4 Foundation, you can retake the same exam to retain your certification for another 3 years.

I have multiple qualifications in the same ecosystem

If you wish to retake to recertify, you only need to retake one of the qualifications you currently hold.

Eg: If you already hold MSP Foundation and MSP Practitioner, you could retake Foundation and this would automatically renew your Practitioner

qualification. Or you could choose to retake Practitioner, and this would renew your Foundation qualification. There is no need to retake both exams.

What can QA do for me?

If you wish to retake to retain, we can offer a few options:

Self-paced eLearning + exam*

Total Learning + exam (self-paced eLearning + 2 days revision)*

Short courses*

*Subject to availability. Please enquire to learn more.


I have multiple qualifications in the same ecosystem – do I need to retake them all?

No. Check out the table above to see your options.

Do you offer exam-only options?

At QA, we’re all about transforming learning into real-life results. This means that we require learners to participate in some form of learning (be it self-paced, virtual or in-person) and do not offer an exam-only route.

We believe that this approach maximises both the chances of exam success and of learning retention. Here’s why:

  • The exam may test your knowledge, but only the course will expand your knowledge. 
  • Learners who go straight for the exam are more likely to fail. This means booking retakes.
  • Standards, context and circumstances change – refreshing your memory will empower you to apply your best-practice knowledge to a changed (and changing) landscape.
  • Finally, if you go for the “upskill to recertify” route, you’ll be taking an exam you’ve never sat before – so it wouldn’t make sense to skip the learning – even if you’re feeling lucky!

Can I mix-and-match subject areas? Eg: can I recertify PRINCE2 by taking ITIL?

No. You need to take a product from the same ecosystem. The 2 ecosystems are: Service Management (ITIL Courses), Project Management (PRINCE2, MSP, MoR, MoP, P30 and MoV).

As an employee, why should I care about recertification?

A few reasons:

  • It’s always good to have your certificates up-to-date as it shows you are staying current with relevant industry trends and best practice skills
  • Another benefit is career progression – you can recertify by taking another course from the same product ecosystem – so why not take the next level up? Keeps you ahead in a competitive job market
  • It keeps your mind fresh – we all forget things and fall into bad habits – a short refresher can help you fix those habits
  • Ultimately, it will improve the way you work. You have learned new skills and techniques and you can apply them to your role to be more efficient and productive.

I’m an employer, team leader or manager. Why should I care about recertification?

  • Happier staff and increased job retention – as you are investing them
  • Boosted productivity as your employees have new knowledge, skills and techniques to make them more efficient
  • Gives your clients greater confidence in your business as it shows them that you hold your employees to the highest professional standards
  • Recertifying gives your people a chance to refresh their knowledge and best practice in areas such as Project Management and Service Management. Employees may feel embarrassed to ask for help if they’ve forgotten things or fallen into bad habits. Recertification helps solve that problem and increase their confidence
  • Employee progression – by allowing employees to take another course from the same product ecosystem, they remain certified whilst also expanding their skillset

Will Foundation certificates be valid for a limited period like Practitioner

Yes, starting 1 January 2023 all global best practice certifications will be issued with a renew by date. 

Will the 3-year re-certification apply to ITIL v3 products, e.g. ITIL OSA, ITIL Expert? 

Certification renewal requirements will not be applied to ITIL v3 certifications. 

Is PRINCE2 Foundation included in the 3-year recertification scheme?

Yes, starting 1 January 2023, PRINCE2 Foundation certifications will be issued with a renew by date. 

Discuss your options with us