What is business case and benefits management?

You may have heard: “No business case or benefits, no project.” Organisations often embark on projects without a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve, or the means to tell if they have achieved it. A clear, regularly reviewed business case with benefits helps to ensure that the project is valid (and continues to be so) and it also demonstrates the value of the work to key stakeholders, helping to ensure their support. 

The business case must be constantly reviewed throughout, ensuring that the project can be stopped or changed immediately if it is no longer providing value. Benefits management includes long-term analysis of the effects of the change, demonstrating the value it does or doesn't offer.

Why you may need benefits management and business cases training

Can you say for certain what advantages projects bring? Do you find yourself repeating past actions, without any certainty as to whether they made a difference the first time?

  • 41% of businesses identified that project failure was the fault of a lack of investment and involvement from senior management – probably because they couldn’t see the value of it (PMI).
  • 50% of $1M+ projects fail to meet their business objectives (Gallup).
  • 37% of projects failed due to a lack of clear goals and benefits for the project (PMI).

If any of the following ring true, you may benefit from QA training:

  • Your projects and programmes do not work consistently.
  • You need to be confident that they are being managed effectively.
  • Your change teams need to communicate with and learn from each other.

Why train with QA?

Our highly experienced trainers can provide an insight into business cases and how they are used on successful projects in real-life situations, with case studies to allow delegates to apply their learning.

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