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Top skills to ensure a successful migration to the cloud

If you're looking to embrace cloud computing services then there are a few
essential in-house skills you will need to ensure a successful migration.

Adrian Jakeman | 17 August 2015

Migrating to the cloud

Whilst the advantages of cloud computing are clear, they call for a range of new in-house skills to highlight the tangible benefits and ensure your business successfully transforms along the way. Below is QA’s top-line list of key skills a business needs to ensure effective transformation to cloud computing.

  1. Project management

    Cloud computing is a strategic weapon, so it needs to be managed strategically. The mass migration of on-premises data to remote servers can be quite a challenge so you will need to have project management capabilities and resources readily available, who will be able to negate any challenges and keep the project delivered within scope, time and budget.

  2. Security and compliance

    Public cloud computing introduces a third-party into your data-management strategy; creating higher level of risks. Therefore, a working cyber security model in cloud computing environments is essential.  Know what your strengths and weaknesses are and put a security plan in place to protect your assets.

  3. Business and financial

    Return-on-investment (ROI) is always important factor, whether it’s with advertising, recruitment or resources. Moving to the cloud will be no different; you will see an increase in profits and productivity – but how are you measuring this? It will be necessary to make judgement calls based on key metrics such as business performance versus costs of subscribing to the cloud.

  4. Technical

    Knowledge of virtualisation will be key to ensuring a successful transition. Virtualisation is software that manipulates hardware – and is the fundamental technology that powers cloud computing making it critically important to understand as you move to a cloud solution.

  5. Contract negotiation

    Negotiating skills are imperative when sourcing a cloud solution provider. Coming to terms on service-level agreements, knowing the contract to a finite detail, and a person who will take control if the solution underperforms or doesn’t adhere to the contract will be crucial to a successful cloud deployment.

  6. Data integration and analysis skills

    Will the data you generate through your cloud-based systems integrate seamlessly with your CRM and other onsite systems? To ensure a successful (less painless!) launch and integration, your data and business systems team should be prepared.

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Adrian Jakeman

Head of IT Training

Adrian has worked in the IT and education industries for the past 25 years and joined QA in 2006 with a focus on the development and delivery of training around Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server and the software development lifecycle. Still to be found in the classroom delivering training around Application Lifecycle Management, he is also responsible for the day-to-day management of QA’s IT curriculum. He has particular focus on the quality, breadth, depth and relevance of both vendor-produced courses and the extensive QA-authored portfolio. Areas of expertise: Teaching and learning effectiveness, Application Lifecycle Management, Cloud computing, Team Foundation Server.
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