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Phil Crayford

Principal Technologist - Microsoft Productivity

Phil joined QA 10 years ago following many years of consultancy for a variety of Microsoft Product deployments worldwide. He has significant experience with SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365 in real-world deployments and brings that knowledge to his training. Phil has also written courses on Exchange and SharePoint Hybrid. More recently Phil has been immersed in using Office 365 for implementation of GDPR and compliance governance within organisations. Areas of expertise: Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Windows Server, Active Directory, Compliance and Client Deployments.

Microsoft re-future Microsoft 365 learning

Microsoft re-future Microsoft 365 learning

QA's Principal Technologist for Microsoft Productivity, Phil Crayford, looks at the new Microsoft 365 curriculum. Read the full article

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Moving from GDPR Design into Reality Using Microsoft Cloud Technologies

QA's Phil Crayford outlines three new Microsoft hands-on technical courses that look at how Microsoft Cloud Technologies, Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics can help implement tangible solutions to your GDPR and other compliance requirements. Read the full article

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