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John Coleshaw

John Coleshaw

Head of Enterprise Architecture

John Coleshaw looks after the Enterprise and Solution Architecture courses offered by QA. This includes TOGAF, BCS and shortly ArchiMate. He has been active in this line of training since 2002 which puts him very much in the vanguard of trainers in this dynamic, but immature discipline. Over the years he’s met many hundreds of architects, from senior to junior, and provided training to many of the largest organisations in the UK. He is an author on the subject, and contributor to various frameworks and reference models. Before entering the training environment, John spent many years in industry and commerce, during which time he was involved in architecting insurance, credit risk analysis and financial information systems. He is an early adopter of technologies – internet-based systems in the early 90s; expert systems in the late 80s; object-oriented design and development at about the same time.

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