ITIL® 4 is coming!

What's new in the ITIL® 4 Framework?

QA's Head of Business Skills, Adam Stewart, looks at what is new and what is changing in the next iteration of ITIL, the most globally-recognised Service Management framework.

Adam Stewart | 15 January 2019

With ITIL 4 coming soon let's look at what's new and changing in the Framework. The context is the new world of Digital Transformation and the modern service economy. ITIL 4 is building on well-established practices but also expanding to embrace Agile and DevOps to ensure there is a flexible operating model for the design, development and delivery of products and IT-enabled services to support business strategy. Furthermore, ITIL 4 maintains focus on continual improvement and the need to adapt to a dynamic business and technology environment.

What is new?

There is a specific focus on value co-creation between service providers and service consumers. The customer is a critical element in the process of value creation and this recognises the complex service relationships that exist in the modern world, requiring collaboration and interaction. In ITIL v3 there is a significant focus on processes, and whilst they will still be a valued and a fundamental part of ITIL 4, they will be expanded to consider people, their roles and the toolsets required to execute activities. These will be referred as 'practices' in ITIL 4 and the framework will outline how these can be implemented to provide a flexible approach to Service Management.

As mentioned previously ITIL 4 will be integrated with other ways of working and recognised modern practices such as Agile, DevOps, Lean and IT Governance. The framework will enable businesses to adopt and adapt those elements that are useful and relevant to them, whilst ensuring that there is a holistic and strategic approach to service management. ITIL 4 also addresses governance activities that enables organisations to continually align their operational activity with the strategic direction of the business.

Finally, it is worth noting that when the ITIL Practitioner was launched in 2016, the 'guiding principles' were introduced. These will now be at the core of the framework and guidance. They will continue to evolve, providing guidance to organisations in all their service management activities.

These are just some of highlights and there is much more to come as we get closer to launch!

What's next?

We have already launched the ITIL 4 Foundation course, with dates from March 2019.

Click to view the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification

We have also created a microsite to list all available information about the ITIL4 certification scheme.

Click to view the ITIL 4 Certification scheme and register for updates


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