IPSE-QA Freelancer Awards 2016

Top tips every freelancer should know

To celebrate National Freelancers Day, a series of workshops were organised to help give practical advice to freelancers.
QA supported the event and attended some of the workshops. Read some top tips on how to stand out as a freelancer.

QA | 16 June 2016

The annual National Freelancers Day returned for 2016 at the at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden to celebrate the UK's most exciting, driven and enterprising self-employed people. The day was designed to give practical advice to help freelancers be at the top of their game with a series of workshops, a panel session and networking opportunities. QA, who were the headline sponsors for the IPSE-QA Freelancer Awards 2016, supported the event, offering training advice to freelancers.

We attended two talks, the first of which was from Saatchi Masius, a creative agency specialising in advertising and brand development. Saatchi Masius presented to a packed room full of freelancers on "How to create a personal brand".

One important highlight from the talk was the importance of "brand me" and how to create it. The presenter highlighted that there were two brand truths- "Relationships matter- grow them. People remember stories- tell them". So how do you do this and bring"brand me" alive?

Saatchi Masius recommended that freelancers should address the "4P's. Personality, priority, promise and profile"

So what does this mean?;

1. Personality: Developing your own unique personality is something that freelancers should work on. What words would people use to describe you?

2. Priority is also important. You can't do everything so focus on a few things and do them well

3. Promise: It's also important to know your audience and communicate one thing that you promise to always do for them. Create your unique selling point and make sure you deliver

4. And finally Profile: Work on building your profile both online and offline. Don't be shy selling yourself and all of the amazing things you've achieved.

The next talk we attended was from Digital Garage and "how to tell your story online". There were some great tips given including some interesting statistics. "50% of small businesses don't have a website", highlighting the importance of being online. So what are the op tips for building a successful website. Here are 5 key tips from Digital Garage:

1. Identify your websites purpose and goal and communicate it

2. Make content simple and easy to digest

3. Make sure your website loads quickly (there are online tools to measure this)

4. Ensure your site has a strong call to action 

5. Make mobile a priority

Both talks were extremely informative, and offered invaluable insight. It was now time to move onto the panel session, where previous award winners and finalists shared advice and top tips to other freelancers. So what is the secret to being a successful freelancer? Some tips were shared including "Don't be too flashy. It's about doing the work and being consistent". Another useful tip was the importance of "growing the calibre of your client". "Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself all the time".

Meanwhile at the Bellini Bar, two of QA's Learning Consultants were busy talking to freelancers, answering any questions they had on training. Here is Scott Hodges giving his thoughts on the session:

And as the afternoon came to a close, we were all very excited for the IPSE-QA Freelancer Awards Ceremony and to find out who the winners were. Read more to find out what went on.

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