Paul Wigzel is passionate about customer services, with exceptional customer service skills enabling him to think and work at a corporate level. He is an experienced senior manager, one of the world’s first qualified ITIL v3 Experts, and one of the first ITIL v4 Managing Professionals, co-delivering the world’s first MP Transition course.

He has been involved in writing, training and developing ITIL books, materials and training courses for 20 years so has a wealth of experience. He has delivered or worked as a consultant in ITIL and business relationship management across the world. He came to QA from running his own successful business for many years and prior to his own business he worked with the police service at a local, regional and national level, founding the National Police ITIL Forum.

Paul is a highly-skilled, motivated, driven and trustworthy professional. He is also a natural trainer, leader and mentor of multi-disciplined teams with the ability to think in a strategic manner: setting and delivering strategy by leading teams with diverse skills, abilities, ages and genders.

Flexible and self-motivated, he has the ability to motivate others and he is also an excellent and intuitive leader – enabling people to maximise their potential by supporting, mentoring and inspiring creativity and development. He has excellent communication skills, communicating at all levels of an organisation, managing work environments to maximise effectiveness and efficiency.

When not engulfed in customer services, ITIL and service delivery, Paul can be found in the south-west of the UK and he is passionate about his animals, his home and the wildlife surrounding it.