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How can you retain IT talent in a demanding business landscape?

QA | 30 August 2017

Retaining and developing talent in a progressively demanding, tech-focused, business landscape is a real challenge for organisations. Nurturing talent “in house” has never held so much importance, with more companies than ever looking for IT talent and the availability of IT temps declining at the fastest pace in over a year and a half according to a recent study by The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

The ideas surrounding employee retention are vast in number but one theme links studies from Forbes, The Harvard Business Review (HBC) and The Wall Street Journal , and it is that of employee development. Employees want to develop, grow skills and learn as they work. But how can organisations facilitate this without impacting important day to day responsibilities?

Fostering employee development

Apprenticeships like the Infrastructure Technician Level 3, teach crucial skills in IT, Networking and Coding. It provides an easy-to-implement development plan for junior IT staff or new hires into entry-level roles. This helps to retain talent as they benefit from growing their skills.

At QA we uniquely offer further progression options to continue development after the entry-level apprenticeship, including degree apprenticeships and even masters. We also provide over 1,500 training courses in technical IT and business training to unlock your employee’s potential.

This gives companies who are engaged with QA the peace of mind that they can easily offer development opportunities to continue retaining high-performing tech talent in their business.

QA enable businesses to make the long-term retention of staff, a reality.

Not only that, our specialism in designing technology training specifically for businesses aids organisations to make the most of existing IT tools and transformation, upskilling individuals within the business to address skills gaps.

The 32-year heritage QA has in educating tech professionals to maximise their potential, is harmonised to organisation and learner needs which is reflected in 92% of QA apprentices remaining with their employer after completing their apprenticeship.

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