New Cisco Certified Network Cloud Certifications now available!

To help fill the growing cloud computing skills gap, Cisco is recently launched two new cloud certifications – CCNA Cloud and CCNP Cloud.

Cloud computing jobs

Cloud adoption drives new roles and responsibilities and the transition to the cloud has been so widespread and quick that the job market is so hot it’s (unfortunately for businesses) a sellers’ market*.

Reed says professionals who are experts in cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and virtualisation are in high demand, but those with combined skills in server, software and networking are the most sought after in the current IT job market*.

The Vice President of AT&T Business Solutions is currently overseeing the company’s growing cloud services business over a team of thousands, he was quoted saying, “There are just not enough folks who have mastered the cloud yet […]”* He anticipates another five years before professionals meet the current demand.

Which is why the most logical choice is to upskill existing staff.

Why achieve a Cisco cloud certification?

Cisco announced the launch of new certifications in cloud programs designed to equip delegates with relevant, practical skills tailored to in-demand cloud professional jobs. They are vocational, which means delegates can take their learnings straight back to the office and implement, apply and share knowledge immediately. Achieving Cisco certification brings valuable, measurable rewards to networking professionals, their managers and to organisations, who employ accredited Cisco professionals.

The available cloud programs are:

  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Cloud
  2. Cisco Certified Network professional (CCNP) Cloud.

CCNA & CCNP courses and exams

These courses are uniquely designed to be course ready and the help foster the gap between skills gap and job demand.  The CCNA cloud and CCNP cloud certifications build and validate basic through to advanced knowledge of the skills required to design, install and maintain Cisco Cloud Solutions, including;

  1. Private and Hybrid Cloud design
  2. Cloud Security Design
  3. Cloud Infrastructure Implementation
  4. ACI and APIC Automation
  5. Private and Hybrid IaaS
  6. Application Provisioning and Life Cycle Management
  7. Cloud Systems Management

Dates are now available from September across the UK. Make sure to book your course before space runs out.


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