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In a recent QA article, we looked at the need to become an ‘Organisation of the Future.’ and how organisations are having to ‘re-imagine’ themselves and define new ways to adapt and prosper. Organisations must adapt to the ‘New Rules’* by evolving into a new shape – and by deploying a new series of skills and capabilities in order to:

  • Meet and exceed constantly rising expectations with ‘new and improved’ customer experiences
  • Recognise every employees’ desire for continuous learning and

The ‘New Rules’ will continue impact every organsition - large or small, private or non-profit. But every organisation is different and every organsition will need to find different ways of acquiring the skills and capabilities needed. Sometimes in surprising ways…

Excellent Customer Service - Ready for the Future through ‘Forum Theatre’

The Waste Management Operations Team are the front line in customer service and act as physical ambassadors for the Leeds City Council. They have a direct and immediate impact on their citizens’ feedback. QA’s programme was especially designed to work with this Team and used modern ‘Forum Theatre’ methodology, using skilled actors to create challenging and interactive scenarios that helped staff rapidly learn the skills they need in a ‘safe’ environment.

Leeds City Council: An organisation of the future

The following video walks you through how Leeds City Council have developed their Waste Management Operations Team to become an ‘organisation of the future’.


Leeds City Council have recognised the ‘organisation of the future’ is needed now and have equipped their Waste Management Operations Team to deal with the ‘New Rules’. Talk to QA to find out how we can help yours. Look out for our next edition of Developing Skills and Capabilities for the future.

Look out for our next edition of Developing Skills and Capabilities for the Digital Age.

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*Deloitte regularly undertake UK specific research, and to quote their key finding in 2017: ‘The organisation of the future’ emerged as the prime focus ……with talent acquisition and learning highest on the business agenda.’ - Human Capital Trends. UK Supplement 2017 – Top 5 challenges for HR.