QA is always innovating, finding new ways to invest in our learners and improving their development trajectory. In our graduate academy we’ve been working out how we can further invest in our training and development - investing in our people to bring greater success to our clients.

How could we invest in our Graduates?

In the academy our Graduates develop into software experts – gaining further expertise across a range of core skills as well as a specialist area. Once they leave the academy they are further supported by a Continued Professional Development pathway leveraging QA’s significant portfolio of training.

But how could we make these already experts even better?

We put our thinking caps on and decided to launch a fully funded, unique embedded part time Masters (MSc) programme in partnership with Northumbria University.

What is the MSc?

The QA MSc programme is designed to integrate into the existing consultant career pathway. The programme is broken down into Post Graduate Certificate, Diploma and a full MSc in Digital Consulting. The academy training programme - plus some self-study and weekend lectures - delivers the post graduate certificate. Once consultants are working on client projects the Diploma and full MSc is undertaken on a part-time basis.

The benefits

Not everyone will choose to undertake the Masters - some may choose a different pathway or choose not to do it at all – but those that do undertake the Masters will benefit in a range of ways:

  • Receiving an MSc in Digital consulting, with all the linked future career benefits (such as promotion and salary trajectory)
  • The opportunity to learn niche technologies and work in some of the UK’s leading organisations
  • Theoretical learning combined with practical application, extending graduates’ researching, writing and analysing skill set, helping them become better problem solvers


QA has never been a more exciting place to launch your career - we are using the most exciting technologies, with transformational clients/projects, and investing in our consultants to become future “super stars”.

We cannot wait to see the first consultants complete the MSc programme, deliver digital transformation for our clients, and become outstanding contributors to our industry.

To learn more about joining the QA Consulting academy click here