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The future belongs to organisations that can learn, master, and apply new skills at scale.

Being the largest tech training company in the UK and fastest growing in the US, we understand what it takes to connect capability to behaviour change and create large global end-to-end programmes.

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Aligned with your business needs

Applied learning at scale

Our real-world learning modalities offer secure, scenario-based training environments to build experience.

  • 1,000+ hands-on labs.
  • 250+ in-house subject matter experts.
  • 1m+ global learners trained every year.


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End-to-end learning

Our end-to-end approach drives better business results by ensuring whole organisations can learn, master and apply skills at speed and scale.

  • 4,000+ clients in 40+ territories.
  • Tailored training to meet organisational needs.
  • 1,250+ virtual instructor-led courses.


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Harness digital disruption

Arm your organisation for digital agility by combining the power of human and machine intelligence.

  • Market leaders in AI for IT teams and cloud-based AI services.
  • 250+ in-house subject matter experts.
  • Vendor partnerships with industry leaders: Microsoft, AWS, and many more.


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Maximise training spend

Return on training spend doesn't stop at skills growth. Get the most out of your training.

  • Track skills on 1,000+ labs.
  • Fully funded UK apprenticeships.
  • 250+ in-house subject matter experts.


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Overcome talent shortages

We deliver skills growth by providing a continuous learner experience, connecting learning across the organisation and creating more collaborative learning.

  • 1m+ global learners trained every year.
  • Tailored training to meet organisational needs.
  • 40k apprenticeships delivered.


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Latest updates

What's trending

Embrace the future of learning and team growth with us. As leaders in tech training, we uncover the latest workforce trends and technological innovations shaping tomorrow's workplace.

Welcome to the new QA

Watch our new QA video and learn more about our journey.

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Microsoft Copilot

Get the right skills to supercharge your productivity and take AI to another level.

Microsoft Copilot

2024 insights

The future of learning investment for technology companies.

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Over 1 million learners globally

A consistent learning experience

We offer fully blended learning that connects up across tech and engineering, leadership and management, as well as marketing and commercial teams. Programmes range from self-paced to full interdepartmental cohort programmes.

Apprenticeships Instructor-led learning Self-paced learning Bespoke training programmes
Thought leadership

Insights from the experts

“Our big bets are data, AI, and cloud – mixed with IT infrastructure, project management, networking, and DevOps to glue it together. In this area of rapid technological shift, organisations need data on what’s working. They need AI and machine learning automation to improve efficiency. And they need to be on the cloud to deliver the fast, online services that consumers demand. All underpinned by effective project management and DevOps to implement the change.”

Ian Clarkson

Director of Portfolio Management

Thought leadership

Insights from the experts

“The data industry is experiencing significant transformation, with breakthroughs in AI and machine learning driving unprecedented levels of innovation. Organisations are now harnessing the power of big data to inform strategic decisions, enhance customer interactions, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

”Despite these advancements however, the data industry faces several critical challenges that necessitate robust strategies and solutions. To prepare for a transformative future, data teams must now prioritise data integration and cleaning and laying the foundations for a data-driven culture across the entire organisation.”

David Pool

Data & AI Development Director

Our end-to-end learning model

Creating change through capability

Upskilling and reskilling are core components of creating change, but won’t deliver alone. It’s also about getting people mastering and adapting that knowledge. Collaborating across the business and applying back to create better outcomes.

  • Continuity for the learner
  • Connection across the business
  • Collaboration within teams
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Our categories

The right skills to stay ahead

AI & Machine Learning

We’ve got AI covered in every part of our learning portfolio. Manage AI risk and level up AI agility. 

Explore AI & Machine Learning


Harness data and AI, all with up-to-the-minute cloud training and certifications.

Explore Cloud


Connect information to reveal insights and make the right decisions, with help from machine learning.

Explore Data
Methods and modalities

Flexible delivery to suit your needs


Boost your organisation’s digital and tech skills by recruiting new talent or upskilling your existing employees with the most in-demand tech expertise.

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Instructor-led training

Plug skill gaps with certifications and applied training. Available on our public schedule or through private, in-house cohort programmes.

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Self-paced training

Develop skills at scale in AI, Cloud, Data, and more. Our on-demand training is available globally to train teams on new skills.

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Hands-on labs

Interactive labs to build knowledge, test mastery, and try scenarios and exercises – either individually or in cohorts.

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