Malware has become one of the gravest threats to face the global Information Technology infrastructure. During the last twenty years it has become a major factor in organised crime and has cost organisations & individuals across the world billions of pounds.

This one-day instructor-led course will act as an introduction to the types of malware that can infect devices; how that malware is delivered to the device; how malware is produced; and, how to protect against malware infection. The course will use a number of Internet-based resources to demonstrate the most current threats.

This introduction to malware for manager's course is theoretical and does not expose delegates to hands-on malware labs.


The prerequisites for this course are attendance of the 'Introduction to Networking and the Internet' (QAFNI) course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the different functions of malware types
  • Understand the malware naming conventions
  • Understand the different methods of malware delivery, including phishing attacks and other social engineering attacks
  • Understand the professional nature of malware use
  • Understand the basics of malware detection and removal

Course Outline

Module 1 - Classification & Naming Convention
This module contains the overarching definition of malware, looks at the common types of malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits and botnets and gives an overview of malware naming conventions.

Module 2 - Malware Production
This module will show how malware is currently being produced from kits such as the Black Hole Exploit kit to companies that sell vulnerabilities for malware authors to exploit.

Module 3 - Botnets
This module will give an overview of current botnet techniques such as Fast Flux DNS, and how they are being used by botnet operators to control thousands of machines.

Module 4 - Detecting & Analysing Malware
This module will contain a brief overview of methods that are used to detect malware when they enter a network or device. The module also contains a brief introduction to the techniques used to analyse malware on infected machines.

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