What is project management planning and control?

Plans are the backbone of any project, programme or portfolio. They tell everyone what to do and when to do it. They are also helpful to show the delivery team what should have happened by now compared to what has, thus ensuring control.

Why planning and control?

  • Organisations that employed good planning practices were reported to be 28 times more likely to save money than those that do not (PMI).
  • 61% of projects that used formal planning and control tools delivered on time, compared to only 41% who did not use them.
  • The second most requested feature of all project software is the ability to track activities and time (PMI).

Good planning allows all stakeholders to know what is expected when and by whom. Having a plan also makes costs clear, allowing for the right budget to be allocated to the work, and provides confidence with senior stakeholders. Controlling a project ensures that risks are avoided. 

What are the benefits of planning and control training?

Do you find it difficult to keep track of what is taking place in your project? Do you struggle to conclusively show progress in your projects? QA's planning and control training may benefit you if:

  • It is difficult to get adequate funding for project work.
  • Senior management are not confident that the change will be delivered.
  • You often only realise there is a problem when it is too late.

Why train with QA?

  • Our highly experienced trainers can provide an insight into how planning and control are used on successful projects.
  • We provide the latest tools and thinking to support the various key activities in project delivery through analysis of trends and forums/seminars.
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