Muddling through

It was the final Tough Mudder event of the year. Over 100 QA staff participated in the event, with a total of £40K being raised for our chosen charities.

Earlier this year, QA employees were asked to take part in the Tough Mudder challenge to help raise money for our chosen charities, TeensUnite and Macmillan Cancer. The 12 mile demanding obstacle course has been described as ‘brutal’ but this did not deter our participants. With over 210 attendees across 4 Tough Mudder events, QA set themselves up for the biggest, most gruelling charity challenge to date.

And on Saturday 24th September, it was the turn of our final teams. We had over 130 QA staff ready to face their fears.

Here are some quotes from some of our Tough Mudders:

"The real hero of the day was Vicky, who completed the course despite finding out Saturday night that she had dislocated and possibly fractured her shoulder at some point round the course – she has it in a sling and is in good spirits."

“Well it was cold, muddy, tiring and at times painful… but all in all we had an amazing time working together as a team and really enjoyed our 1st Tough Mudder experience. Already planning our 2017 TM training regime…”

‘What an event Tough Mudder 2016 turned out to be. The Cheltenham team were simply amazing and less the aches, pains bumps and bruises the team are all feeling very proud of our achievements. Even before we crossed the finish line the team were already chatting about the 2017 event. We had ankle injuries, groin pulls, falls and cuts but still managed to battle on to cross the finish line with a big smile and a beer!

“As a team everyone put in a huge amount of physical effort to get round the course and mental fortitude to overcome their fears with the more challenging obstacles. It was great to see so much teamwork both within our team and amongst the other participants taking part on the day as everyone helped each other over, under, through and on top of the plethora of obstacles.”

With over £38K raised for charity, our Tough Mudders have done an amazing job. Well done!

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