QA and Computing team up to combat cyber security skills gap

LONDON - 14 th April 2014: QA and Computing Magazine, the UK's leading business technology publication, are joining forces to launch the Securing Talent campaign over the next several months in efforts of educating businesses about the importance of cyber security.

Computing and QA's Securing Talent campaign aims to raise awareness of the growing need for people with cyber security skills in industry and government, and for clearer pathways into the cyber security profession. As part of the campaign,  Computing will be speaking to experts in the field to get their in-depth knowledge on how best the skills gap can be addressed. 

QA's leading industry experts will be providing thought-provoking ideas in order to make others think about the wider picture in this threatening and growing area. Video interviews, advice, opinions and a competition to win a cyber security training course that provides a route to obtain certification, are also included as a part of Securing Talent.

"The dearth of talent in the cyber security industry is a topic that experts have frequently expressed their concerns about to Computing."  Computing 's Sooraj Shah, stated. "We're therefore delighted to be working with QA in order to try to raise awareness of the issue and to help address the skills gap."

Technical Director and cyber security expert, Bill Walker, said, "Securing Talent synchs perfectly with QA's objectives for cyber security - to educate and raise awareness about potential risks and threats that any business can face. If you don't educate your staff, you have little chance of being protected."

To view QA's cyber security training courses, visit here .

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