After the success of the Tough Mudder events last year, QA asked its employees to volunteer in this year's Tough Mudder and help raise money for our partner charity of the year, the NSPCC. And this year QA employees did not disappoint. Teams formed quickly across the country and last weekend we saw the turn of the 'Mud Guzzlers' and 'Band of Mudders', who joined forces on Saturday to become the ultimate Tough Mudder team, the 'Band of Guzzlers'.

There were some challenging obstacles, including climbing 'Everest', an obstacle that required major grit and lots of teamwork. The team suffered a few injuries along the way. The first fell with a dislocated shoulder and the second from exhaustion and mild hypothermia - but all are well and were reunited at  'Electroshock Therapy', the final obstacle on the course. Watch how they got on here.

The teams have so far raised £3177; a great achievement which has raised the bar high for all others taking part in future events.

The countdown has begun for our Midlands team with the next Tough Mudder event on the 20th May – We hope you guys are ready!