When PwC Augment wanted to attract and accredit the best graduates for their future talent pipeline, they turned to QA to create an innovative Video Learning solution that would set them apart from the competition and drive efficiencies.

The skills that PwC's clients required from their consultants included a BCS accredited Business Analysis Diploma, which QA currently successfully deliver within the classroom environment. Part of their challenge was that PwC’s people are based all over the UK, and overseas, but they still needed a flexible and high-impact solution, that provided the same results as traditional classroom learning.

QA's solution took its expertise and classroom learning content, creating a unique, bespoke learning solution that utlised the latest online video training. A learning portal was also designed with in-built tests. This was incorporated into PwC's graduate training academy. QA trained PwC Augment staff to become exam invigilators for the BCS accredited course, so that when PwC’s people had completed the learning, they could sit the exams at a convenient time and place, without incurring any additional costs.

“The graduates have enhanced their personal brand, their CV, and this has made them more attractive to our clients as consultants.

There have been a number of changes that we have made to the organisation, and we are relatively a new business. Within the second year of operating we doubled our turnover, and one of the major changes that were made within that year was the digital based Business Analysis training from QA.”  Jonathan Williamson, PwC Augment.

QA and PwC have seen a record number of utilisation minutes from this 30-hour online training academy. They are also seeing graduates who have already completed the course, going back to it again, to refresh their memory of the course content, to maintain their new skills. Over 100 graduates have completed the training so far. To incentivise the graduates to take part in the digital learning – PwC offered a bonus to those who completed the training within 3-months.

Part of QA’s ability to be agile and to create a bespoke solution in a short amount of time, included working with Filtered; an award-winning technology company within the learning space. They provided online module and tests functionality, using off-the-shelf software, which we integrated into our platform.

Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO and co-founder of Filtered commented: "Business analysis is essential for positive, responsible, effective business change. For many years, QA has led the industry in training for this important skill so we were very proud to add Filtered's technology and innovation to the mix to create an outstanding resource for business analysts."

This solution was shortlisted for the 2017 Learning Awards, with the Learning Performance Institute, with the awards ceremony taking place at the Dorchester hotel in London.