The shortage of skilled developers in the UK has reached the government's UK Shortage Occupation list and been widely publicised in the press.

Employers of all sizes report that they struggle to recruit experienced developers and that there are not enough graduates leaving university with computing degrees.

Apprenticeships offer an immediate, effective solution for employers to grow their own developers. In 2011, QA launched developer apprenticeships and has helped companies recruit and train over 900 software and web developers through our programme.

Our Developer apprentices are producing amazing results for their businesses and we want to showcase to you what they can do through our coded by apprentices campaign.


9.30am - 11.30am, Thursday, 3 July 2014
QA, International House, 1 St Katharine's Way, London, E1W 1UN

Come to our Coded by Apprentices event where we and our clients will share with you: 

  • Why the UK Tech industry needs more apprentices
  • How apprenticeships underpin business requirements
  • How to get the best developer apprentices
  • Showcase that apprentices really can code, build & create

This event is part of our campaign to engage with the burgeoning developer community and encourage more to use apprenticeships to source and develop the tech talent that is needed in the UK today.

Speakers on the day:

  • QA Apprenticeships:  The first IT apprenticeships business rated Ofsted 'Outstanding' in all areas
  • Northdoor:  An IT consultancy specialising in the financial services industry, which has five developers in their team who came through QA Apprenticeships
  • The Valuation Office Agency (part of HMRC):  An executive agency of HMRC, which was the first central government department to take on developer apprentices.

Book your place (registrations now closed.)


The IT sector is continually growing as technology organically advances. However, the UK market is facing a challenge in utilising the most of this growth - a developer skills gap.

The Coded by Apprentices whitepaper commissioned by QA Apprenticeships examines the state of the current market to show:

  • Developer growth in the UK and the impact of the widening IT skills gap
  • The benefits of hiring an apprentice
  • Alternative solutions to apprentices - are they sustainable solutions?


Unable to make our event? We will be soon scheduling a webinar that gives you the opportunity to hear from QA Apprenticeships.

Our webinar will:

  • Cover the key interviews and outcomes from the developer event
  • Showcase our award-winning software & web development programme and apprentices
  • Preview the forthcoming "Coded by Apprentices" whitepaper