Changing the way people learn

We’re fortunate to do what we do. Our expertise is in learning, and learning is fundamental in changing lives for the better. When learning is effective, it builds people’s confidence, knowledge and capabilities – transforming careers and future prospects.

As the market leader in technology training and talent solutions in the UK, we work with world's biggest brands and companies to give them the competitive edge in the digital world of today. For the last 30 years we have consistently invested in our trainers, technology and facilities to become a trusted training and talent partner for global businesses and government organisations alike. We offer a broad range of courses and wider training services across multiple subject areas – including Cyber Security, Agile, Cloud Computing, Project Management and Data Analytics. Our services help businesses to develop and grow technology talent within their organisation and together we are solving the global digital skill shortage. 

A better way to learn

The traditional approach to education and training pushes content and typically measures through anxiety-inducing exams. It fails to immerse the learner in the topic and build knowledge organically.

We believe there’s a better way to learn. We’re transforming the way people learn by combining the very best of digital and live learning. We meet our learners' needs remotely and fit in around their day jobs. We don’t just deliver content, we focus on integrating the learning into the workplace to drive meaningful results. This new way of learning is carried by our world-class industry experts who deliver with impact and stimulate knowledge growth through creative means. This is all underpinned by our new digital platform that empowers learners to take control of their learning.

Blending digital and live learning

Driving results in the workplace

World-class industry experts

Digital platform that empowers learners

This new wave of learning is already building momentum: only last year we won Gold for Best Use of Blended Learning – UK Commercial sector in the 2020 Learning Technologies Awards. Our Digital by Design project, which has transformed the learning experience for apprentices, scooped the award after being selected from 34 different entries in this category. And this is just the tip of the iceberg – we've got some more exciting projects coming. 

As our learning revolution is building, we are expanding too. We’re looking for like-minded creatives to produce inspiring learning design, charismatic delivery experts to facilitate learning and technology wizards to drive our platform.

Our people are driving this revolution, what part will you play?

Creative talent

We know that creativity and design are hard, but we also know there’s nothing better than when the hard work turns good ideas into innovative products and solutions. As creatives, we ensure that there’s a safe space to fail, innovate and win. The nature of design is problem-solving, brainstorming and refining alternatives before finding the right solution. To do this, we need diverse talent from an array of backgrounds – inside and out of the learning space.

Why join QA as a creative?

This is an opportunity to be part of something that's the first of its kind. Our new way of learning draws on both digital and live production so you'll have the chance to set your mark through a variety of channels.

You'll be creating in a sector that's creative in nature. Digital learning is continually growing and evolving, and we've only just touched the surface of what's possible. Unlike other sectors, we're actively making a difference in other people's lives, and your ideas will be at the heart of that. Our culture echoes this positivity, we know that collectively our ideas will revolutionise learning.  

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Learning architects

Lead the design and development of digital learning assets to transform learning

Instructional designers

Lead the overall design, script and storytelling to shape learning solutions

Graphic designers

Build engaging multidisciplinary interface designs and graphics to immerse our learners

Delivery talent


We've introduced a cutting-edge approach to learning that combines the very best of live and digital. Learners will take part in live events focused on what matters most, supplemented by on-demand digital learning that they can complete at their own pace. Our way of learning is delivered by top tech trainers who are renowned in their field. Our approach is shaping futures by focusing on workplace outcomes – we aim to equip all learners with the critical knowledge and skills to apply back in the workplace.  And the results speak for themselves: 90% of our 293,000 learners would recommend us... and we're only just getting started.

Why join QA as a delivery expert?

At the heart of our learning revolution are our delivery experts, they capture our learners' attention through their industry-leading knowledge in their subject matter. They simply live and breathe the tech that they teach. All of our experts share a deep-rooted passion for their subjects and excel at facilitating learning in the virtual world. 

We give our delivery experts the scope to author, design, develop and facilitate their content. This end-to-end approach isn't for everyone, it's only for the dynamic, the brave and the creative. We're building a way of learning to transform lives and we need people capable to inspire.

We're looking for people with up-to-date technical knowledge of their area of expertise, combined with a love of learning. You'll be using an array of mediums to transfer learning, from live sessions to using brand new virtual collaboration tools – all with the aim to make learning effective, memorable and fun!

Working with us would give you the chance to be at the forefront of learning and offer the opportunity to change lives the right way.  

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Compose creative learning material using engaging mediums. Through your research, you'll create cutting edge content that includes the latest tech theory. We want you to explore new ideas in the industry and come up with engaging ways to deliver.


Transform your content into exciting learning sessions that combine the very best of live and digital. Choose how you'll run your session, will it be through storytelling or virtual collaboration groups? There's an array of learning techniques at your disposal.


The tech world is constantly evolving and we can't afford stand still. You'll be part of team of like-minded individuals who value sharing knowledge and experiences so we're sure that you'll pick up a thing or two to transform your content to be at the forefront of the tech space.

Facilitate & Apply

We don't just deliver learning, we facilitate it. It's essential that you take your learners on a journey to immerse them in a world of deep learning and application. Shape learning through focusing on the critical concepts and explore ideas that inspire. Build lasting relationships with learners to help them embed the skills in the workplace.

"You'll be part of something great!"

"I’ve been a trainer here at QA for over 20 years and I love it! We’re fortunate to deliver in our own state-of-the-art centres and on our impressive FTSE client sites. We value “bringing ourselves to work”, which means we’re free to express our personalities, life experiences, interests and talents within the learning setting. Doing so gives us a large degree of autonomy as to how we deliver our courses.

"Our success is really down to the support we receive. We have access to and collaborate with world-leading instructional designers to create engaging course materials and learning solutions to support our learners. Over the last 20 years, I’ve never felt more involved in growing the business and shaping the future of our learning opportunities – if you join us, you won’t be just another cog in a machine, you’ll be part of something great!"

– Margaret Kennedy, Senior Learning Specialist (Change, Programme and Project Management)

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