The UK’s tech industry is booming. With an estimated 100,000 new opportunities emerging every month – and UK tech salaries averaging over £50,000  – this wide and resilient sector is alive with career potential.

And the even better news is that there is no one type of tech person. In fact, it’s an increasingly diverse, vibrant and in-demand sector, entered into by people whom you might not expect to. People just like you.

QA's Digital Skills Bootcamps, part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs, have one shared goal: To give people – regardless of their background or level of knowledge – the opportunity to build new digital skills and secure a fast-track route to an interview with a local employer. It’s that simple.

How do QA's Digital Skills Bootcamps work?

  • They're fully funded by the Department for Education and absolutely free for you to attend.
  • These bootcamps are only available to everyone in England, and you must have been living in England for at least three years.
  • They are full-time, taking place over 10 weeks - that's 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, so you must be able to commit to this time fully.
  • They're delivered live by our training experts but are done so virtually in the comfort of your own home via QA's virtual classroom technology.
  • They put you through your paces, equipping you with the key digital skills the world's leading organisations covet so highly. You will gain knowledge up to a standard that would allow entry onto a Level 4 Apprenticeship or similar level employment opportunities.
  • You'll even get industry-recognised accreditation at the end of the programme as evidence of your newly acquired skills.
  • Throughout your training, you will work with our outplacement and engagement team, who will support you to secure job interviews for local technical roles that match your newly acquired skills. You'll learn the soft skills to hit the ground running. So, from presenting with confidence and preparing a high-quality CV to readying yourself for technical interviews, our leading trainers have your back.

Digital Skills Bootcamp in Software Development

You know the trusty online banking app you check every day and those streaming services where you can binge the latest season of your favourite show? Software developers created all of them. Developers are the people who write the back-end code needed to make computer programmes run, working collaboratively as part of high-energy teams.

On the Digital Skills Bootcamp in Software Development, you’ll cover everything up to Software Developer Apprenticeship (Level 4) standard, including detailed modules on:

  • DevOps and source control
  • Networking and security
  • Operating systems
  • Algorithms and scripting
  • Java and Spring

Digital Skills Bootcamp in Data Engineering

Data engineers are the secret heroes behind major, progressive organisations. From digital powerhouses like Facebook, Airbnb and Amazon to global banks and major superstores – the world’s leading companies rely on skilled data engineers to help them sustain and evolve. Data engineers make sure all data is clean, reliable and ready for a variety of business-critical uses.

On the Digital Skills Bootcamp in Data Engineering, you’ll cover everything up to Data Analyst Apprenticeship (Level 4) standard, including engaging modules on:

  • Azure fundamentals
  • Python for data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Enterprise Big Data Professional
  • Power BI

Digital Skills Bootcamp in DevOps

The word “DevOps” was formed by combining “development” and “operations” and is about removing the barriers between the development and operations teams to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, workflow, and continuously measuring application performance.

“DevOps” signifies a culture shift within technology, unifying development skills with interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and a desire to initiate positive change. Digital transformation efforts have driven enterprises in all industries toward DevOps and agile methodologies with a lot of big companies such as Amazon, HP, Etsy, Netflix and Adobe using DevOps to undergo a serious culture shift. In fact, there’s been a 40 to 45% growth in the market over the last five years, with the demand for DevOps predicted to rise even higher.

On the Digital Skills Bootcamp in DevOps, you’ll cover everything up to DevOps Apprenticeship (Level 4) standard, including engaging modules on:

  • Agile
  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Algorithm and Scripting
  • Networking and Security
  • Databases
  • Operating System Basics

Digital Skills Bootcamp in Cyber Security

With the increasing headlines surrounding cybercrimes and data breaches, one can understand the importance of the role of a cyber security analyst. Cyber security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect a company’s computer networks and systems. They keep constant tabs on threats and monitor their organization’s networks for any breaches in security.

On the Digital Skills Bootcamp in Cyber Security, you’ll cover everything up to Cyber Security Apprenticeship (Level 4) standard, including engaging modules on:

  • Coding and Scripting Basics
  • Cloud Security
  • Threat Analysis
  • Information Security Risk
  • Security Management
  • Operating Systems

When you complete your Digital Skills Bootcamp, you’ll get:

Industry-recognised accreditation – depending on your pathway, you’ll earn certification from Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, PeopleCert and/or SFIA to seriously boost your employability prospects.

Support from our Outplacement and Engagement team, who'll work with you to secure job interviews and local technical roles.

Exclusive 12-months’ access to QA’s Cloud Academy platform with hands-on labs, learning paths, courses and quizzes – so your skills development can continue beyond the virtual classroom.

12 months’ BCS membership (The Chartered Institute for IT), with access to career mentoring, plus a 12-month discount to 5,000+ Microsoft and PeopleCert certifications.

How do I enrol for a Digital Skills Bootcamp?

It goes without saying that we're only looking for candidates who can commit themselves 100% to completing their 10-week Digital Skills Bootcamp. We are looking for people with a genuine willingness to learn new skills and an interest in working in the technology sector.

There are three simple steps:

  • Apply via our Digital Skills Bootcamp form below.
  • Once you have completed the form, we will get in touch to conduct an information, advice and guidance call.
  • Speak to one of our team members – we will discuss the specific course you are interested in, and your career goals and motivations.

You must be aged 19 or over, have the right to work in the UK and have lived in England for at least 3 years prior to the start of the programme.

Apply here for your Digital Skills Bootcamp

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