The Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer exam (EX183) is designed for experienced JSE developers who wish to extend and test their knowledge and skills as applied to modern enterprise Java development. The test gauges your understanding of the core enterprise Java APIs that are required to implement modern, stateless business services.

Prove your skills and knowledge

An enterprise application developer who has become a Red Hat Enterprise Application Developer is able to:

  • Use JAX-RS for simple REST create, read/search, update, and delete APIs.
  • Use JAAS to secure access to services.
  • Use stateless EJBs to provide business logic.
  • Use CDI to integrate components.
  • Use JMS to send and receive messages.
  • Use Bean Validation to ensure data format and consistency.
  • Use basic JPA to create, read, update, and delete persistent objects and their relationships.

Is this certification right for you?

If you’re an experienced JSE developer who would like to extend and test your knowledge and skills in a modern enterprise Java development, you may be interested in becoming a Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer.

Certification details

If you’re preparing to become a Certified Enterprise Application Developer, we recommend the following:

Step 1 - Sit the following course:

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Alternatively, you can sit the following combined course/exam:

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