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Our enterprise platform, Cloud Academy, has been designed to transform the technical capability of your team. We assess, develop, and validate your people’s tech skills with structured training plans, skill validation in live environments, and built-in accountability.

The Cloud Academy training library provides access to over 10,000 hours of technical learning to master AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Security, and much more. Alternatively, you can build training that mirrors your production environment by cloning and customising our learning paths and creating and uploading your own bespoke content.

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Accurately pinpoint baseline skills

  • Test practical, hands-on tech skills
  • Streamline the assessment process with automated reminders
  • Understand where your team stands and how fast they’re growing
Assessments Training Plans Baseline Skills


Quickly uplevel technical capabilities

  • Build and assign training plans with 10,000+ hours of up-to-date cloud training
  • Keep your team accountable with built-in reminders and weekly reports
  • Track progress and completion on a real-time dashboard
Training Plans Technical Capabilities


Confidently know when your team is ready

  • Challenge your team with lab scenarios using actual AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud accounts
  • Establish a data-driven approach to learning and skills management
  • Understand your team’s strengths and identify skill gaps
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