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7 Reasons to Consider Managed Learning Services For Your Business

Choosing a training partner for your business is no simple task; We’re backing ourselves as the premiere choice for digital skills training, with our Managed Learning Services.

Choosing a training partner for your business is no simple task; the right solutions, and therefore the right provider, is different for every business. You’ll consider a variety of factors, from modalities of training, to expertise in the specialist skills you need, to an in-depth understanding of your industry context. 

Here's the thing… no matter who you are, we’re backing ourselves as the premiere choice for digital skills training, with our Managed Learning Services

But with training needs as diverse as our clients, how can that be?!  

The answer is simple. As a trusted one-stop training partner, we focus on what you need. Just as important, we have the expertise, the experience, the delivery modes, the tech and the partner relationships to deliver it! 

We’ve been providing training for nearly 40 years, to over 6000 organisations, of diverse sizes and sectors, in digital skills from Data and AI, to Cyber and Cloud skills, alongside our network of 7000 top quality, third-party training providers. 

You might even say we do it all… but hey, don’t take it from us. Here are a few reasons our clients continue to choose QA to source and manage all their external training requirements: 

Unlock savings through Economies of Scale 

QA's vast network of third-party partners and purchasing power mean we can offer customers significant cost reductions, to maximise your training budget and drive greater ROI. 

At QA, we believe in transparency and value for money. That’s why we also pass on direct cost savings to our clients without any additional markup, ensuring that you get the most out of your training budget.  

Simplify the admin with one monthly invoice 

Most business handle up to five hundred invoices every month, with 66% reporting that this process swallows five whole days of employees’ time!  

Don’t add to the pile. Bid farewell to juggling multiple invoices from different training suppliers.  

With QA, you’ll free up valuable administrative time with the convenience of one consolidated monthly invoice from a single supplier. That equals a streamlined administrative workload, and enhanced operational efficiency for knock-on business advantages. 

Choose from proven, trusted providers 

Access a diverse array of training providers and diverse subject matter experts, meticulously selected by QA to ensure you find the perfect fit for your organisational goals and learning objectives. 

Adapt with multiple delivery modalities 

Tailor the delivery of training to the dynamic needs of your business effortlessly. 

QA offers a range of delivery modalities, including virtual, in-person, and blended learning options, allowing you to tailor training programs to suit your unique requirements. 

Rely on a dedicated account team 

Partnering with QA means receiving unrivalled support. An Account Manager, Service Delivery Manager and Administration Team Helpdesk with direct telephone number and client email address will be at your service. 

You’ll also receive monthly comprehensive management information reports to demonstrate where your training budget has been spent, savings made, quality of training and trends. We know the importance of full visibility, so we deliver proof of what your business is gaining throughout the training journey, at every step. 

Make booking easy 

Your managers and budget holders have other things to do… That’s why our booking process aims to save them precious time.  

With QA's intuitive platform and dedicated support, scheduling and budget management become seamless and stress-free endeavours. 

Rest assured, with rigorous supplier management 

QA's Partner Solutions Team conducts a meticulous risk evaluation process for supplier onboarding. Through benchmarking exercises and performance evaluations, we ensure that our suppliers maintain up-to-date, high-quality, and cost-competitive services. 

Ready to let the UK's leading expert manage your training journey, so you can get back down to business? 

Check out our Managed Learning Services today. 


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