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Digital Skills Bootcamps are a Government-funded initiative to upskill and reskill thousands of people across the country in the tech skills that employers say are the hardest to find.

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In-Demand Tech Skills and Workplace Excellence

Individuals with the attitude and aptitude to succeed will be provided with the hardest-to-find tech skills that will help organisations access and onboard great talent without any recruitment costs.

QA will ensure learners also gain the relevant workplace skills to positively impact your business from day one.

Three ways to get involved

Be the first off-the-block to interview fresh tech talent

Do you have projects that are stalling due to lack of resources, or tech teams that need bolstering? Are you planning to recruit in data, IT support, cyber security, software development or software testing?

Get ahead of the pack and talk to us today to secure interviews with our talented bootcamp graduates. As well as up-to-date tech skills, you will also benefit from no recruitment fees and ongoing support from QA throughout the first 9 months of your new recruit’s career with your organisation. It’s not just for big companies either. The bootcamps aim to place 65% of learners with SME employers.

To find out when our next cohort will be available.

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Reskill your existing talent – at a subsidised cost

Tech moves fast, and skills can go out of date quickly. Individuals from across your organisation could develop or build-upon core, industry specific tech skills whilst still productively fulfilling their day job.

As little as 12 weeks later they’ll be equipped with the latest high-demand, digital, software development or Cloud skills.

Learners don't need any existing tech skills as QA will teach everything they need to know to start an exciting new career in as little as 12 weeks!

To find out how this could work for your workforce.

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Get involved – help make the programme more effective

It’s important that learners leave the programme with a genuine understanding of the workplace but also real-world best practices. They also need to spend time with people that can help them hone their interview skills. We already have lots of brilliant partners on board from Microsoft to Ingram Micro and Mumsnet – but we need more.

Could you share your tech experience? Could you help with interview practice or provide mentoring? Or even deliver an employer session as part of the learning programme?

To find out how you could help make the programme more effective, and get more people into careers in tech.

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What learning paths are available?

Please note that the below represent the full range of specialisms available on DfE bootcamps, while programmes delivered by QA may be subject to change on a rolling basis.

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Software Developer L3

On the DfE Skills Bootcamp Software Developer Level 3, you’ll be learning everything you need to start a career in Software Development, including engaging modules on:

  • Basic Principles of software design
  • Software testing frameworks and methodologies
  • Python
  • Linking Python apps to SQL databases
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Software Developer L4

On the DfE Skills Bootcamps Software Developer Level 4 you’ll be learning everything you need to start a career in Software Development, including engaging modules on:

  • Basic principles of software design​
  • Software testing frameworks and methodologies​
  • The Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)​
  • Planning and delivering projects through Agile Scrum​
  • Working in a CI/CD environment​


On the Data Utilisation and Analysis DfE Skills Bootcamp, you’ll be learning everything you need to start a career in Data, including engaging modules on:

  • Data structures and database system design including Python
  • Data storage and security
  • Data modelling and analysis
  • Data Storytelling and visualisation techniques
  • AI, Automation, and emerging/ sustainable data technologies

Software Tester

On the Software Tester DfE Skills Bootcamp, you’ll be learning everything you need to start a career in Software Testing, including engaging modules on:

  • Fundamental principles of testing
  • Static testing and the review process
  • Agile testing and the SDLC
  • Test automation
  • Black box, White box, and Experience-based Test Techniques


On the ICT Cloud DfE Skills Bootcamp, you’ll be learning everything you need to start a career in IT Support, including engaging modules on:

  • Core technologies of major cloud providers (Azure, AWS, and GCP)
  • Servers, applications, and network architectures
  • Network and Cloud security
  • The Principles of APIs and Web Services
  • DevOps tools and culture

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