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Brad Stone

Brad Stone

Head of Learning Delivery – Cyber

Brad has worked across IT for many years; from installing, managing and troubleshooting systems, through coding and scripting, to running security and configuring firewall, IDS and network policies. Brad has been training tech for almost a decade and holds certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, ISC2 plus many more. From an electronic engineering background, Brad enjoys investigating different systems and finding new ways they can be manipulated. Brad mainly trains Offensive Security, Intelligence Gathering, Security Management and Cloud Computing. Brad is also GCT certified to deliver GCHQ certified courses.

Cyber security courses

Pwned Passwords and a Python Tool

Brad Stone, QA's Head of Cyber Certifications, looks at the problems with typical password-meters and advises on the best way you can securely check the strength of your passwords. Read the full article

Cyber security courses

How secure is your password?

How long would it take someone to crack your password? For decades they’ve been a headache, a weak link in security. So what is the solution? Read the full article

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