QA is delighted to support the UK Civil Service as a member of KPMG’s consortium of learning specialists. Under the new Civil Service learning framework, we will be supporting better government by improving the skills, knowledge and networks of public servants.

As part of the ‘Shaping Our Future Together’ programme, the newly formed Government Skills and Curriculum Unit is uniting all training, skills and learning and development activities into a coherent Campus, underpinned by a clear curriculum. A critical element is the new central learning framework (RM6145: Learning and Development) which went live on 30 October 2020.

As a member of the KPMG consortium, we join other industry leaders to deliver outstanding learning under the new learning framework, whilst helping the UK Civil Service build the people capability they need for the future.

The new framework comprises a comprehensive curriculum and a range of off-the-shelf products, alongside bespoke learning interventions and coaching. Through this framework, and as part of the KPMG consortium, we’re delighted to be working with the Civil Service, helping to upskill thousands of civil servants across the country.

This is a dynamic programme, befitting the modern-day Civil Service. Its features include:

  • Access to an expanded range of high-quality, cost-effective learning activities, delivered digitally, virtually and face-to-face;
  • Accessible learning in response to the Civil Service’s latest requirements, ensuring the organisation has the right skills at the right time;
  • Learning activities that help all civil servants become more confident and efficient in their roles, including joiner induction programmes; the knowledge to work effectively within government; and the skills required of both today’s leaders and future generations of senior leaders;
  • A range of activities relating to specialist professional skills (such as finance, project delivery and data and analytics) and subject matter areas (such as criminal justice, education or health).

To find out more about this new learning framework, get in touch with QA.