QA, the UK’s leading tech skills and talent provider, has extended its Talent Academy service with the addition of a 14-week bootcamp focused on cloud native skills. The programme will deliver entry-level developers trained in the latest cloud native practices and technologies ready to build modular, modern cloud native products and platforms. The first cohort of QA cloud natives graduate from the QA Talent Academy this week.

Cloud Native Webinar

Cloud native applications provide the agility essential to organisations determined to emerge stronger from the pandemic. Teams can rapidly build and deploy products at the speed required by competitive digital businesses while at the same time moving away from project outputs and KPIs towards a focus on achieving business outcomes.

However, the scarcity of cloud native skills frequently results in overutilisation of limited inhouse expertise, or an inability to move business programmes at the required speed. The QA Cloud Native Bootcamp, designed in close collaboration with QA customers, provides skilled reinforcements able to contribute on day one, either by freeing up expert bandwidth for greater innovation, or by filling resource gaps in a transformation project.  

“Our high calibre, entry-level developers are capable of building cloud native platforms, or building products on top of cloud native platforms, using the latest technologies from Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform,” explains Mark Solomon, DevOps Practice Director at QA.

“Cloud-native-first training means that agile, DevOps, microservices and containerisation are all in the learners’ DNA. Their ability to code and deploy, as well as interact effectively in agile working environments, ensures that QA developers are able to become valuable members of cloud native product teams, platform teams or DevOps teams.”

The QA Talent Academy recruits the best technically minded people, trains them via its BCS-accredited Academy, and then deploys them to businesses where they use their skills to immediately make a difference to the teams they join. Individuals graduating from the 14-week QA Cloud Native Bootcamp will have experience of working within a variety of environments in both a serverless and Platform-as-a-Service infrastructure. The bootcamp ensures developers are ready to create high-speed product pipelines, build and deploy cloud native code artefacts, and establish DevOps tooling capabilities.

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