The first QA apprentice has successfully completed the Associate Project Manager Level 4 programme under the new, more robust standard, paving the way for many more learners on programme and setting his next sights even higher: on a degree apprenticeship.

Jake Jackson completed his apprenticeship in environmental project management at Arup, working primarily on major rail infrastructure projects as well as other exciting initiatives such as the Wild West End, a biodiversity project in West London. He chose to do an apprenticeship to explore his career options and earn a salary whilst training in a focused, condensed timeframe.

“The thing I have enjoyed most about doing a project management apprenticeship is learning the technical side of project management,” he says. “You are taught a variety of high-quality, proven project management tools and techniques that you can apply to any project. This has given me the confidence and skills to be able to influence project management on a number of different projects.”

John Johnson, Senior Environmental Consultant at Arup, finds that hiring apprentices like Jake has great benefits. “Apprenticeships provide access to a greater, more diverse pool of early careers talent and help us plan for the long-term skills needs of our business. More broadly, they play a crucial role in response to the wider industry skills gaps by combining on-the-job learning with valuable qualifications.”

QA provides all of its apprenticeships under the new and more rigorous “standards” designation with an end-point assessment pass rate exceeding 90%. Under 2017 government reforms, apprenticeship “standards” replaced the old “frameworks”, putting employers in the driver’s seat to agree on skill, knowledge and career outcomes for each programme – ensuring maximum employability for apprentices.

For Jake, his career future is bright. He plans to pursue a project management degree apprenticeship and become a chartered Project Manager with an end goal of becoming an Environmental Project Manager.

“I would recommend an apprenticeship course to anyone that is considering one, irrespective of what stage of their career they are in,” he says. “Apprenticeships provide so many opportunities without the individual having to bear the cost of the course so I think that it is a no-brainer.”

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