Software Developer SCQF 8 (Digital Technology)

Apprenticeship Programme (Scotland)

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This programme has been designed with the aim of providing a learner with all of the knowledge and performance skills required to become a proficient software developer.  

Learners will gain: 

  • A theoretical and practical understanding of programming and software design 
  • Knowledge of supporting tools and methodologies required to build, test, and document software solutions 



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Entry requirements


Digital by Design


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Level Of Study

SCQF Level 8


Technical Apprenticeship in Digital Technology for Software Development at SCQF Level 8 

Apprenticeship Certificate

Awarded by SQA

Entry Requirements

No set requirements

English Language Requirements


Mode Of Study

Blended and work-based learning


18 months

Assessment Methods

Assessment methods may include a personal reflective statement, workplace observation, witness testimony or professional discussion

Start Date



Online and work-based

What's learned?

  • Programming Paradigms and Software Development
  • Relational Databases
  • Testing Concepts and Tools
  • Software Design and Diagramming
  • Project Management Tools and Frameworks

Programme structure

  • 12-18 months including access to our online learning platform.
  • Apprentices follow QA’s unique methodology, Digital by Design (DxD) - the revolutionary blended learning solution which sets us apart from other providers.


You will be equipped to work in roles such as: 

  • Software Engineer 
  • Back-End Developer 
  • Web Developer 
  • Programmer 

Core Units 

  • Principles of Project Management 
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Meta Skills and Transformation  

Technical Units  

  • Programming with Java 
  • Designing Software 
  • Implementing Software Methodologies 
  • Documenting Software 
  • Software Testing 

Learners should be given 2-3 working hours per week to dedicate solely to their apprenticeship programme, where they will complete digital learning activities. Over the course of the programme, they will also be required to attend virtual classroom training for a total of 14 days which is typically held in 2-3 day training blocks. 

You'll have a whole team behind you to help you get the most out of your apprenticeship, including:

  • Your line manager
  • A skills coach
  • A safeguarding specialist
  • A learning support specialist

There are no set entry requirements for learners. The only thing to bear in mind is that your job role must fit your chosen apprenticeship qualification, allowing you to complete the relevant modules. QA will undertake a role-matching exercise to help you.

What is Digital by Design?

Digital by Design (DxD) is our unique approach to learning design, with a blended delivery model combining tech, content and support to create a superior learner experience.

This blend of cutting-edge technology, engaging content, compelling design, dedicated, easy to access learner support brings ‘training’ up to date for the digital age.

Its purpose is to create the best possible experience for learners, helping them to deliver meaningful impact to your business, faster. This translates into greater career success, and helps to futureproof organisations for digital transformation.

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Cloud Academy

Courses delivered on DxD also offer access to our world leading learning platform, Cloud Academy.

With over 10,000 hours of training, cutting-edge labs and sandboxed environments, Cloud Academy allows Degree Apprentices to learn by doing, building their confidence and competencies, without the risks of working in a live system.

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