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Managing Your Apprentice

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Information, advice and activities to support you and your apprentice during the apprenticeship journey, including apprentice management, motivational tips and how to promote wellbeing.

If you feel you need support with a safeguarding concern please contact our Safeguarding Team: 07808050273 /

QA’s Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mark Soady: / 07808 050273

Watch the video below to find out about employer support for neurodivergent learners and those with a disability.

Watch the video below to find out how QA's safeguarding team can support your apprentices.

The Keys to Success

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Information, advice and guidance supporting you and your apprentice on a successful apprenticeship journey, including end point assessments, functional skills and learner services.


End Point Assessment

Find out more about the End Point Assessment, including roles and responsibilities, programme overviews and  professional discussions.

*Specific to learners in England*


L3 & L4 EPA Overviews:

Degree EPA Modules (refer your learners to the following)

Degree Chartered Manager EPA Module:

Degree MSc Digital Technology Solutions EPA Module:

Degree Digital Technology Solutions EPA Module (for learners who joined pre June23):

Degree MBA Senior Leader EPA Module:

Degree Project Manager EPA Module:

Degree Artificial Intelligence EPA Module:

Degree Cyber EPA Module:

Degree Digital User Experience EPA Module:

Degree Senior Leader EPA Module:

Degree Digital Marketer EPA Module:

*Digital Technology Solutions learners who joined July 23 onwards your EPA Module is currently in development and will be available to you soon.

**Aptem learners EPA Modules will be available shortly.


Safeguarding & Learner Services

QA provides holistic support for apprentices through our dedicated Learner Services Team.

Learner Services provide support in 4 key areas: learning support, safeguarding, Functional Skills and academic study skills (degree apprenticeships only).

Find out more in the document linked below.

You can find information on QA's safeguarding structures in the document below.


Functional Skills

*Specific to learners in England*

Functional Skills are an integral part of delivering apprenticeships. Your apprentice will need to provide evidence that they have achieved Functional Skills qualifications or some equivalent. Find out more in the document linked below.

Watch the video below to find out more about the importance of functional skills to apprenticeships.


Neurodivergent learners

Watch the video below to learn how neurodivergent learners are supported throughout their apprentice programme.

Your Experience

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Your Experience

How QA listens to and acts upon the feedback you provide throughout the apprenticeship, including an introduction to the feedback cycle and the complaints process.

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