Upskill and reskill

The UK’s tech industry is booming. With an estimated 100,000 new opportunities emerging every month – and UK tech salaries averaging over £50,000 – this wide and resilient sector is alive with career potential; and facing an unprecedented skills gap. 

As part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs, QA is delivering four fully-funded Digital Skills Bootcamps in virtual settings - Software Development, Data Utilisation and Analysis, ICT Cloud and Software Tester - to help close the digital skills gap and provide opportunity for talent from diverse backgrounds to gain a fast-tracked career in tech.

Get involved and tap into promising tech talent, to futureproof your organisation for the digital revolution

What digital skills can you learn?

QA's Skills Bootcamps in software development, data analysis, cloud technology and software testing enable learners to equip themselves with work-ready tech skills, and organisations to upskill and reskill existing employees.

Software Engineering Practice Icon

Software Development

The Digital Skills Bootcamp in Software Development includes the following modules:

Level 3:

  • Python
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Linking Python apps to SQL Databases

Level 4:

  • Software design
  • Agile and the SDLC
  • Software testing
  • Working in a CI/CD environment
Data, Analytics & AI Practice Icon

Data Analysis and Utilisation

The Digital Skills Bootcamp in Data Analysis and Utilisation includes the following modules: 

  • Database design
  • Data storage and security
  • Data modelling and analysis
  • Python
  • AI and automation
Cloud Computing & Virtualisation Practice Icon

ICT Cloud

The Digital Skills Bootcamp in ICT Cloud includes the following modules:

  • Core technologies of major cloud providers
  • Servers, applications, and network architectures
  • Network and Cloud security
  • The principles of APIs and Web Services
  • DevOps tools and culture
Software Tester

Software Tester

The Digital Skills Bootcamp in Software Testing includes the following modules:

  • Fundamental principles of testing
  • Static testing
  • Agile testing and the SDLC
  • Test automation
  • Test Techniques

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