Who is Circus Street?

Circus Street is a global leader in providing commercial digital skills including e-commerce, data analytics and digital marketing skills to organisations through its subscription-based, proprietary digital platform.

Founded in 2009 by brothers Richard and Jonny Townsend, it is an award-winning online training solution that allows global businesses to build and develop digital capabilities across their organisation at scale.

Circus Street's library of engaging, entertaining and informative lessons consistently delivers exceptional business outcomes for the world's largest brands. Its unique product offering blends technology, education and visual arts, paired with its best-in-class account management service, and has resulted in previously unseen levels of learner engagement, net promoter scores and customer advocacy.

What can QA now offer our clients?

By bringing the two companies together, as well as helping organisations build the critical tech skills that they need to win, QA can now also help our clients build their digital marketing, e-commerce and data analytics skills.

This allows QA to play an even greater role in driving digital transformation, using Circus Street to build digital and data capabilities across their entire enterprise, and Cloud Academy to systematically assess, build and validate the skills of their tech teams to deliver it.

The acquisition also means QA is able to offer its clients the broadest choice of different modes of training to fit their circumstances, from live virtual to in-classroom training, as well as fully digital, self-paced training.

The acquisition of Circus Street represents a significant increase in QA’s global reach, with over 500,000 learners in over 150 countries having used the platform to date.

Interested in finding out more?

Email us at CircusStreet@qa.com​ to see how we can help you access Circus Street's world-class digital learning platform.

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