Axelos Examination Requirements

In order to take your Axelos examination, you will need to bring along suitable identification in form of a current official photo ID (Identification document), such as: Passport, Driving license, Social Security card, National ID, or equivalent, is required (in English).

Reasonable Adjustments policy

The examination provider can accommodate special allowances and make reasonable adjustments to the examination process as indicated in the table below. To apply for a reasonable adjustment you must inform QA at least 10 working days prior to your examination date and provide supporting evidence in order for us to process this with the exam provider.

Type of Disability

Reasonable Adjustment


Extra examination time*

Examination material printed in coloured paper

Narrators/ scribes

Dyspraxia/Physical Impairment

Extra examination time*

Use of laptop to answer questions


Ensure access or support to sit an examination

Visual Impairment

Extra examination time*

Examination material printed in different fonts


Examination in different language than native

Extra examination time*

Examination paper of dual language


*A maximum of 25% extra examination time is permitted (i.e. for one hour examination duration 15 minutes time can be permitted, for three hour exam a duration of 45 minutes extra time can be permitted.)

To apply for a reasonable adjustment, or if you have a concern about the identification requirements, please download and fill in our Reasonable Adjustments Request Form and email it along with your supporting evidence to

Exam Prerequisites

QA will need to confirm that all candidates meet the examination prerequisites before the examination can take place (i.e. certificates of previous examination levels, course completion certificates and identification).

Delegates who have taken exams via the BCS prior to 1st January 2018

Axelos exams will be processed via PeopleCert from 1st January 2018. If you are a candidate who took their examination with the BCS prior to this date you will be unable to continue to access your records via the BCS e-Prof system. Please contact our examination team on 01793 696162 for details on how to access your record via Axelos directly.

Further information

If you have any questions with regards to your booking please contact your account manager directly. Their contact details will be on the email booking correspondence you have had from us.