What’s the job like?

You’ll be a technological innovator – using technology to help businesses be successful. You could develop new digitally-enabled products and services. Or increase productivity with technology – helping organisations work faster and smarter.

You’ll create digital solutions for the place you work, or for your customers. (Digital solutions sounds broad – but that’s because it is!) You could work on software, business and systems analysis, cyber security, data analysis or network infrastructure.

If you’re interested in a highly-specialised career, in all things technology – this is for you.

Am I eligible?

You’ll need one of the following:

  1. An A-level in a similar subject
  2. An apprenticeship in a similar subject (minimum Level 3)
  3. An International Baccalaureate at Level 3 in ICT
  4. A BTEC Extended Diploma in IT (180 credits)

You must not already have a qualification in a similar subject at the same, or higher level than this apprenticeship.

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