How we do it

How we do it

Here at QA, we put hard work and dedication into creating apprenticeships that meet the needs of employers and apprentices. Find out how we do it.

Creating futures that count

Developing futures is our end goal, that’s why our experts are guided by our own unique design principles to make sure all our apprenticeships are focussed on creating successful careers.

We get that a 12 month+ programme of learning isn’t the same as a 2 day training course – so we design our apprenticeships not just to deliver skills, but develop long-term talent.




We design apprenticeships around roles and occupations.



We teach people how to do things, not how to pass tests.

Relevant skills

relevant skills

We build the right technical skills for their role, as well as the soft skills to succeed in any workplace.

Progression routes

Progression route

We believe in the career-changing power of apprenticeships, and build in progression routes so our apprentices can take their career as far as they want to go.

Tech-enabled learning

Tech enables learning

We deliver tech-enabled apprenticeships so learning can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This accelerates our apprentice’s learning and their productivity.

What makes a successful apprenticeship?

QA’s apprenticeship experts are guided by our own unique design principles to make sure all our apprenticeships are focused on creating successful careers. We strongly believe our six design principles help us achieve this goal.

Mastery; Practical; Balanced; Productive; Progression; Blended 

These principles are a result of our experience delivering apprenticeship programmes that we know make an impact on both the employer and apprentice experience.

In this video, Director of Degree Apprenticeships, Ben Sweetman fills you in on our unique approach to apprenticeships.

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