by Richard Beck


Introducing CyBOK: Attack and Defences

Let's talk about Attack and Defences, probably one of the most well-understood knowledge areas within Cyber Body of Knowledge (CyBOK). It covers forensics, attack adversarial behaviours, security operations, incident management, malware and understanding how to defend against exploits that have been chained together to take advantage of an organisation.

We're looking at incident response techniques, and how digital forensics and forensic investigations play a part. We have a wealth of Attack and Defences product courses within QA. From our ethical hacking suites to our certified digital forensics courses, taking you on that journey to better defend and respond to adversarial behaviours.

CyBOK, or Cyber Security Body Of Knowledge, is a project that aims to help professionalise the cyber profession. We at QA have aligned our entire cyber portfolio to the CyBOK knowledge areas.

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