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Take control of your career

We've hand-picked 10 apps, websites and podcasts that will help you brush up your career seeking skills. Boost your CV. Get more organised. Take control of your career path.

1. Side Hustle School

Chris Guillebeau’s podcast, (he’s author of The $100 Startup), about people who’ve successfully turned their passions and side hustles into their main jobs. Prepare to be inspired!

2. Squiggly Careers

This cheerful podcast by Amazing If offers action-focussed advice on how to take control of your career and overcome confidence gremlins. It’s full of practical tips that you can try straight away.

3. Ctrl Alt Delete

A podcast by award-winning author and media personality Emma Gannon on work, social media, careers and our relationships with the internet. (Also check out her hit book, the Multi-Hyphen Method)

4. Codeacademy

Coding isn’t just for programmers – it’s a super valuable skill that helps you tweak landing pages, talk the talk with developers, build your own site and more. Learn online for free with Codeacademy (HTML and CSS are great to start).

5. Duolingo

Want to stand out from the crowd? Language skills are a winner. Duolingo teaches fun, interactive, gamified lessons so you can learn Spanish, German, Japanese (or even High Valyrian. For real.) in your spare time.

6. Udemy

You've got skills! But you can learn even more with Udemy. It offers online courses in everything from productivity to design thinking to cake decorating so you can put that brainpower to good use.

7. Eventbrite

Time to put in some face time! Check out Eventbrite to find networking events, panels, talks and professional development events near you. You’ll meet new people, learn lots and make connections in your industry.

8. Evernote

A seriously powerful note-taking app. Save voice memos, checklists, images and more, or snap a photo of your notes (or a whiteboard from a meeting) and Evernote will even make the text searchable!

9. Trello

Picture a whiteboard covered with lists of sticky notes (tasks) – drag them all around, add checklists and attach files. A beautiful solo or team tool to organise all your projects, where they’re at and what needs doing.

10. Ummo

Your personal public speaking coach – whether you’ve got a big interview or just want to sound like a pro in meetings. It even gives you a report card, including how well you avoid those umms and ers!

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