CybSafe is about understanding, insight and risk mitigation. It is a software solution that will help you increase user engagement whilst optimising, tracking and reporting on changes in risk. CybSafe is an innovative, award-winning, AI-driven unified cyber security awareness platform that goes beyond the traditional ‘tick-box’ approach to security awareness training. The cloud-based SaaS CybSafe platform leverages advanced data analytics and cognitive technologies to transform cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture.

As a SaaS-based platform, CybSafe is accessible from any web-enabled device. Supported browsers include: Chrome 16.0+ , Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 8+, Microsoft Edge 16+, Apple Safari 9+

The following mobile operating systems are supported for our Beta mobile apps: Android 4.0.3+, IOS 8+,

CybSafe is designed to be versatile. If your organisation uses earlier versions of the listed browsers or mobile operating systems, the platform is highly likely to still run - we are happy to work with customers to ensure that all users are able to access the features and content where possible.

Service Features:

  • GCHQ & IISP accredited training material developed by former UK Government specialists
  • Content and platform features grounded in psychology and behavioural science
  • Machine learning technology customises content for users, putting security into context
  • Advanced proprietary analytics measure user awareness, behaviour and culture
  • All content is continually updated and improved throughout license period
  • Ongoing and adaptive user testing ensures retention of learned knowledge
  • Sharing and communication features encourage user interaction, adoption and engagement
  • Supply chain assurance tool allows oversight of supply chain human cyber risk
  • Fully customisable content to reflect organisational policy and procedure
  • Integrated simulated attack tools include phishing, smishing and USB drops

Service Benefits:

  • Human-centric design empowers users to contribute and engage with security
  • Demonstrably reduces human-cyber risk including phishing click rates
  • Demonstrably increases user engagement, communication and improves attitude
  • Plug-and-play design requires no input from admins after initial setup
  • Allows complete oversight of organisational cyber awareness, behaviour and culture
  • Administrator dashboard allows comprehensive reporting for easy demonstration of compliance
  • See genuine change in organisational security culture
  • Learning content accessible remotely, at any time, reducing user downtime
  • Completion will comprehensively support compliance with GDPR and NIS Directive

Pricing starts from £29.88 per user per year, up to 50 licences. For additional users or pricing queries, please contact us.

0113 220 7150

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