Make your vision their future

The game has changed. No longer do talented, young people have to follow traditional education routes to get a degree. With a degree apprenticeship the opportunity to learn, grow and accomplish a degree whilst working is now a reality for young people. 

Considering the rising cost and lack of practical experience offered with a dated, traditional degree, it is no wonder that aspirational, skilled people are reaching out to businesses, like yours, to shape their future. 

This is your opportunity to make your vision, their future.

5 Benefits Degree Apprentices Bring For Your Business

  1. Built for you – the flexible structure of our degree apprenticeship means our programme can be tailored to meet your business needs. 
  2. Grow skills – degree apprentices will grow skills within your business whilst actively contributing day-to-day.
  3. Choice of talent – with the introduction of Degree Apprenticeships, there will be an abundance of, high calibre talent, primed and ready to energise your team.
  4. Upskill your staff – do you have a star in your midst already? Reward their effort by offering them a route to a degree whilst they continue their role in your team at the same time. 
  5. Straightforward and easy – QA’s approach makes on boarding your apprentice a breeze. Save money, and save time on recruitment and retain existing employees.

Why choose QA

1. Complete Progression Pathway

QA are the only Apprenticeship provider to offer a complete progression route.

We offer onward development post-degree in the shape of our Level 7 MSc programmes, and offer over 1,500 training courses to continue skills development.

2. Technical Heritage and Focus

QA are the only apprenticeship provider with over 30 years’ experience teaching tech education. We have unparalleled expertise in designing programmes that work for businesses, and people that want long-term successful careers.

We blend personnel, business and technology skills development making QA the stand out choice for degree level apprenticeships – employers get the future talent they really need, and apprentices won’t learn anything they won’t use in real life.

3. Blended Delivery And Flexibility of Learning Content

How we deliver our degree apprenticeship is unique to QA.

Our blended approach combining online learning with workplace coaching and immersive workshops makes our degree apprenticeships unique.

Our business-focused delivery (primarily through online learning) minimises the business impact of time spent on learning, without diminishing the impact of the learning itself.

4. Strong Links Built Over Decades With Industry Leaders

Microsoft to Cisco and countless other brands trust us.

These industry aligned relationships allow QA to stay in front of the curve with the latest developments in technology and industry trends so we can finely tune our degree apprenticeships to deliver skills that align with strategic business goals.

5. Proven To Be Here For The Long Run

QA are the only apprenticeship provider with 1/3 of the market share in degree apprenticeships, we are a trusted partner in the degree apprenticeship market. This gives peace of mind that we will be with employers and learners long term.

Want to find out more?

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