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Cambridge Regus

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Ipswich Ramada

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Extended Classroom

QA Extended Classroom

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International House, E1W

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Nottingham PIR

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Leeds Brown Lane West

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Leeds City Exchange

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Liverpool Holiday Inn

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Newcastle - St James Gate

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Milton Keynes

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This five-day course provides delegates with a thorough understanding of the PRINCE2 project management methodology. During the course we introduce the roles, principles, themes and processes that form the structure of PRINCE2. We also explain the various PRINCE2 management products that will help delegates deliver projects in a coordinated, consistent and transparent manner.

Throughout the course, our PRINCE2 experts help delegates understand the benefits of adopting the PRINCE2 methodology.

We don't just want you to pass the PRINCE2® exams, we want to make you a great project manager. That's why our 5-day PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course is different.

  • Prepare more efficiently with highly engaging video-based pre-course learning
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology with our unique interactive learning
  • Go beyond the PRINCE2 methodology during the course to become a more effective project manager
  • Guaranteed exam success on your publicly scheduled course or your money back with our exam insurance*
  • Keep up to date with the profession and industry thought leaders with a 12 month subscription to Project Manager Today, the industry's leading independent project management magazine

      *QA Exam Insurance means you will be able to come on the same public course at a later date to resit your exam. If you fail the same exam three times, we will refund your course fee.

      *Terms and conditions apply. For full details please see

    • Prerequisites

      No prerequisites are necessary for attendance, although delegates would benefit from some experience of working in projects prior to attending the PRINCE2 Foundation course.

      Pre-Course Reading

      Delegates are provided with access to QA's interactive eLearning that will help them prepare for the classroom workshop. The eLearning is expected to take approximately two hours to complete (although delegates may wish to spend longer on this activity to help them prepare more effectively).

      Please click to view the minimum technical system requirements that are required to access QA's eLearning.

      Delegates will learn how to

      At the end of this course you will be able to:

      • Define the characteristics and context of a project and the benefits of adopting PRINCE2
      • Explain the terminology that is used within PRINCE2
      • List the key roles and responsibilities that are involved in a PRINCE2 project
      • Define the purpose of the seven principles that characterise a PRINCE2 project
      • Understand the seven PRINCE2 themes that must be continually addressed
      • Explain the purpose, objectives and context of the seven PRINCE2 processes that help structure the activities required to deliver the project successfully
      • Define the purpose of a PRINCE2 management product and list its content
      • Work more effectively within a PRINCE2 environment, either as a team member or in the management of the project
      • Apply and tailor PRINCE2 in a scenario situation.
      • Apply the method to a real project
      • Apply and understand how to tailor PRINCE2 effectively to a project within an organization environment supporting PRINCE2.
      • Be able to create and assess management products.

      Course Outline

      The PRINCE2 Foundation course uses QA's unique multimedia case-studies and accelerated-learning techniques to ensure that theory is embedded and delegates feel confident in the practical application of PRINCE2. Additional evening work will be required in the form of consolidation reading and mock examination questions. The evening work is an integral part of the course and delegates should expect to spend approximately two hours on these activities.

      The course will cover the following syllabus areas:

      PRINCE2 Overview

      Delegates are introduced to the world of projects and project management and to the overall structure of the PRINCE2 method. The benefits of adopting a formal project management method will also be outlined.

      PRINCE2 Principles

      PRINCE2 operates with a universal set of principles that can be applied to every project. These seven principles provide the framework of good practice upon which PRINCE2 is based.

      • Continued business justification
      • Learn from experience
      • Defined roles and responsibilities
      • Manage by stages
      • Manage by exception
      • Focus on products
      • Tailor to suit the project environment

      PRINCE2 Themes

      The seven PRINCE2 themes are aspects of the project that must be continually addressed and linked together in order for the project to be delivered effectively.

      • Business Case
      • Organisation
      • Quality
      • Plans
      • Risk
      • Change
      • Progress

      PRINCE2 Processes

      The seven PRINCE2 processes define the activities that are required to direct, manage and deliver the project successfully. The following processes run from pre-project, through initiation and delivery, up to and including project closure.

      • Starting up a Project
      • Directing a Project
      • Initiating a Project
      • Controlling a Stage
      • Managing Product Delivery
      • Managing a Stage Boundary
      • Closing a Project

      PRINCE2 Foundation Examination

      Key exam information:

      • One hour long
      • Closed book
      • 75 multiple-choice questions (5 questions are not marked)
      • 50% pass mark (35)

      PRINCE2 Practitioner Examination

      Key exam information:

      • Two and a half hours long
      • Open book
      • 80 multiple-choice questions
      • 55% pass mark (44)

      Throughout the course, delegates will be exposed to numerous examples of examination questions. We will undertake a number of exercises and 'question-and-answer' sessions that will help to consolidate the learning, thereby ensuring that delegates are more than adequately prepared for both examinations.

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