Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 Level 2

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You are already able to use SharePoint Designer 2010 to create and customise a site's lists, views and web pages, but want to extend your site's capability to include information from external data sources, or make connections to Business Connectivity Services. You may wish to enhance your user interface by creating custom Lists and Library forms and work with Data Form Web Parts. In this course you also will learn how to create and publish custom list workflows. In addition you will learn to use these features to enhance your site's user interface design and data utilisation.

Target Audience:

This course is intended for those power users or site administrators who are able to create SharePoint sites, lists and web pages in SharePoint Designer 2010 and now want to extend their knowledge of the product to build data driven solutions, add workflow capabilities and enhance user interface design


  • Delegates should have experience to the level of or have attended 'Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 Level 1'.
  • Knowledge of HTML or CSS is necessary

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Work with content types
  • Display external business data from different sources
  • Use data views to display this data effectively
  • Create web part pages and customise list and library forms
  • Create external content types by connecting to Business Connectivity Services
  • Create list, site and reusable workflows
  • Migrate workflows as a web solution package
  • Manage SharePoint Designer settings for user roles and actions
  • Create reports
  • Check a site's consistency using web page reports

Course Outline.

Module 1 - Working with Content Types

  • Understanding Content Types
  • Content Type Hierarchy
  • Locating Content Types in SharePoint Designer
  • Creating New Content Types

Module 2 - Enhancing XSLT List Views

  • Changing Column Data Types
  • Associating a Column to the List Item Menu
  • Editing Column Data Displays using XPath Formulas
  • Asynchronous Updates

Module 3 - Creating Custom List and Library Forms

  • Understanding List Form Web Part Pages
  • Creating Custom LFWP Pages in SharePoint Designer
  • Data Form Controls
  • Conditionally Show and Hide fields and ASPX Form Controls
  • Form Action Buttons
  • Creating Custom LFWP Pages in InfoPath

Module 4 - List Templates, Site Templates and SharePoint Solutions

  • Creating List Templates
  • Creating Site Templates
  • Creating a Web Solution Package

Module 5 - Working with Data Form Web Parts

  • What are Data Form Web Parts?
  • Creating a Data Form Web Part View
  • Editing a Data Form Web Part
  • Editing and Formatting Information in a Data Form Web Part
  • Enabling Interaction with Data
  • Saving a Web Part

Module 6 - Working with External Data Sources

  • Locating Data Sources
  • Creating a Database Connection
  • Adding an XML File
  • Connecting to a REST Service Connection
  • Adding a SOAP Service (Optional Topic)
  • Creating a List View from your Database, XML, REST or SOAP Service Connection
  • Using Linked Data Sources and Web Parts
  • Creating Connections Between Data Form Web Parts

Module 7 - Using Business Connectivity Services

  • What are Business Connectivity Services
  • Creating an External Content Type
  • Configuring Business Data Connectivity Services
  • Creating the External Content Type List
  • Using Business Data Columns
  • Creating External Content Type Associations
  • Working with BCS Data Offline

Module 8 - An Introduction to List Workflows

  • Create a List Workflow
  • The Workflow Summary Page
  • The Workflow Editor Interface
  • Saving and Publishing the Workflow
  • Running a Workflow
  • Custom Initiation and Task Forms
  • Generate Workflow Designs using Visio Premium

Module 9 - User Access to SharePoint Designer

  • Permission Levels
  • Setting User Access to SharePoint Designer for Site Owners and Designers

Module 10 - Web Page Reports

  • Locating Reports in SharePoint Designer
  • Accessibility Reports
  • Compatibility Reports
  • CSS Reports
  • The Hyperlinks Report

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