How is it immersive and innovative?

AWS GameDay is a group-based learning solution which gives learners a chance to put their AWS skills to practice in a game-based, risk-free and real-world environment.

This newly devised learning method builds upon a fun and professional approach to training, which fundamentally ensures each participant learns more about the potential of AWS and how QA’s training expertise can support them.

Get to know the GameDay learning Journey!

Kick Off >


Launch Day: Fundamental skills of AWS, and onboarding of Cloud Academy platform.

The blended learner journey Kick Off ensures maximum success and learners' empowerment.

Skills >

GameDay Basic Cloud Knowledge and Evaluation


Both the learner and business have easy access to pre and post assessments throughout the blended learning journey via the platform

Learning Pathway

Learning is continual and with the inclusion on Cloud Academy the journey provides:

  • Digital Skills platform
  • Innovative blended learning
  • Guided practical learning paths
  • Live hands on labs

Simulation >

GameDay Event

This interactive team-based learning exercise is designed to give players a chance to put their AWS skills to the test in a real-world, gamified, risk-free environment.

Using ‘Skills Profiler’, QA will assign job roles to each player within the teams.

In addition learners will:

  • Work as a team
  • Develop real world skills
  • Fail fast/fix fast


Post GameDay Assessment

This online post event assessment will:

  • Measure effectiveness
  • Provide individual learner skill profiles
  • Provide future learning pathways
  • Report ROI


Career Pathway Consulting

Learners live data and analytics are reported in the Cloud Academy Platform.  Our organisational consultants provide support and guidance to give you a clear and prescriptive Career Pathway, as well as:

  • Continual cloud skills enablement
  • Fit to role blended learning journeys
  • Continual data and analytics

QA understand that an AWSome learning journey must be flexible and immersive. We have created this experience to wrap around the daily commitments of each learner.

Through our immersive digital platform, we can support each learner to embed their skills by offering a secure place to practise their existing and newly adopted AWS skills.

Blending a consultant-facilitated and gamified learning experience we equip each learner for every success in absorbing, practising and demonstrating new skills - while offering a guided and consultative learning environment, drawing on the experience of our AWSome gurus.

Each learner has at least 12 months' access to all AWS digital learning, hands-on labs and assessments.

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99% say their AWS training has led to improved workplace performance

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Our AWS-certified trainers ensure you get the most out of your training

Comprehensive curriculum

We offer the UK's widest and most up-to-date range of AWS courses

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All our AWS courses provide an interactive, hands-on approach

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