Digital Transformation is all about people

“It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.” - Steve Jobs


Digital Transformation goes far beyond technology. Delivering on Technology adoption means investing in technical skills, but ensuring your tech teams meet the challenge is about much more than technical skills: they need to develop human capability that sets technology free to add business value.


In order for your tech teams to effectively meet this challenge, they need to do more than simply enable digital transformation. They need to lead it. The bottom line: Digital Transformation requires transformation of your people too.”

Pathways to empower technical experts

At QA, we recognise that every organisation has different priorities and needs when developing their people. That's why we're committed to offering you choice and flexibility in how you nurture human skills in your teams.

We've created 3 pathways to empower tech teams with human skills, allowing you to select the development pathway that best suits your people, depending on their learning style, time commitments and skills gaps.

Scroll down to discover how each pathway works.

Short Course pathway


In a nutshell: QA has developed a series of mini-modules targeting specific competencies your tech teams need to manage, communicate, present and lead, but in bite-size chunks. Mix-and-match them for your teams to create a pathway suited to your needs.


Who is it for: You decide - select the skills you wish to develop in your teams to create your pathway.


Time commitment: 1-2 hours per course, total time dependent on how many courses you select.

Why choose QA to develop my tech teams?


At QA, we live and breathe digital transformation. As a company that upskills individuals with both technical and human skills, we've
seen "both sides Of the coin" and understand the challenges technical professionals face, because we encounter them every day.


Our Senior Learning Consultants work continuously with clients to understand their challenges and needs, through large-scale transformation programmes, tailored courses for specific organisations and 100s of individually focused public courses, This ensures relevant, results-focused development for our learners.


Our pathways aim to engage learners by giving them control over their own development. Your teams can set the pace and direction of their learning through selecting the pathways that best suit their real-life needs, learning styles and time commitments. QAs trainers
make use of 1:1 sessions, group think-tanks and workplace-based tasks to support learners in every step of their professional journey.