Cyber intelligence fits into four specific themes: strategic, technical, operational and tactical. In addition, there are typically three sources of cyber intelligence: vendors, government and private sources. The primary goal of our Cyber Intelligence portfolio is to keep your organisation informed about the risks from zero-day threats, exploits and advanced persistent threats and how to defend against them.

Here are six reasons why cyber intelligence matters:

  1. Lowering costs: improved defences lowers organisational cost.
  2. Lowering risks: visibility of security reduces the risk.
  3. Avoid loss of data: early intel helps to block attacks from infiltrating the network and stealing sensitive data.
  4. Maximising staffing: improves the efficiency of the security team by correlating intelligence with anomalies flagged by security tools.
  5. In-depth cyber intelligence analysis: analysing threats determines whether security defences can block an attack.
  6. Cyber intelligence sharing: sharing crucial security info can help others prevent such attacks from occurring.

QA offers the EC-Council Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst qualification, with more coming soon. 

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