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Duration 3 Days

This course covers specification, installation, configuration and management of the XTM Series range of multi-function security appliances using latest WSM version 11.x. It includes a mixture of hands-on and theoretical sessions leading to the WCSP exam, successful completion of which leads to WatchGuard accreditation status.


This course is valuable for all IT professionals who are responsible for the specification, installation, management, and support or reporting for XTM Series multi-function security appliances. Some knowledge of basic networking concepts including network topologies, IP addressing and subnets is assumed. Some knowledge of security is helpful but not essential.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Use the basic management and monitoring components of WatchGuard System Manager (WSM)
  • Configure a Firebox or XTM device, or an XTMv device that runs Fireware XTM OS v11.9 or later, for your network
  • Create basic security policies for your Firebox or XTM device to enforce
  • Use security services to expand Firebox or XTM device functionality
  • Set up a branch office VPN between two Firebox or XTM devices
  • Configure Mobile VPN for connections to network resources protected by a Firebox or XTM device


  • Organising your network
  • XTM Series configuration options
  • XTM Series placement and setup
  • Running the Quick Setup Wizard
  • Using WatchGuard System Manager
  • Using Policy Manager to define services and
  • Security policies
    • Schedules
  • Working with configuration files
  • Configuring application proxies for added security:
    • HTTP proxy
    • FTP Proxy
    • SMTP Proxy
  • Creating new policy templates
  • Configuring and modifying XTM Series network settings
  • Network Address Translation
  • Using WebBlocker to filter outgoing web traffic
  • Developing policy and security templates
  • Understanding user authentication
  • XTM Series Defences:

    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Gateway Antivirus
    • Web-Blocker
    • SpamBlocker
    • Application Control
    • Reputation Enabled Defence
    • Data Loss Prevention
  • Defining policies by group and user
  • Configure Logging with WSM Log Server & Report Server
  • Logging to Dimension and Dimension features
  • Web Blocker server
  • Understanding XTM Series log files
  • Monitoring networks
  • Using HostWatch to monitor user activity
  • Generating reports of network activity
  • Working with MUVPN
  • BOVPN configuration
  • Monitoring and maintaining your VPNs
  • Using the new CLI and web interface
  • Using the new HTTPS and VOIP Proxies

3 Days


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Delivery method


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