About this Course

Duration 3 Days

This course teaches how to access and analyze data using SAS Office Analytics. You also learn how to build reports that can be shared with others in your organization.


No experience or programming experience is required, although you should have some computer experience. Specifically, you should

  • be able to log on and off a computer and use a keyboard or mouse
  • have some experience using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • know how to use a Web browser to access information.

Specifically, you should be able to open and save documents, use the menus and toolbars to accomplish tasks, and navigate Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

This course addresses Platform for SAS Business Analytics, SAS Office Analytics software.

Who should attend

  • Power users and Information consumers who need to learn how to use all of functionality provided by SAS Office Analytics

Delegates will learn how to

use the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office and SAS Enterprise Guide to

  • access data and other SAS Office Analytics content
  • analyze data and create reports
  • create stored processes to share reports and analyses with others in your organization.


Working with SAS Office Analytics Content

  • getting started with SAS Office Analytics
  • discussing the course environment and scenario
  • understanding SAS data
  • accessing data in the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office
  • exploring data characteristics for a SAS table
  • running analyses using the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office
  • controlling and managing the SAS Add-in output

Creating SAS Office Analytics Content

  • accessing data in SAS Enterprise Guide
  • analyzing data using SAS Enterprise Guide
  • reporting on SAS Office Analytics content

Sharing SAS Office Analytics Content

  • preparing existing content
  • adding prompts to existing content
  • enhancing existing content
  • delivering SAS Office Analytics content

Constructing a SAS Office Analytics Application

  • working with connection profiles
  • building a reporting application

Learning More

  • SAS resources
  • beyond this course

3 Days


This is a QA approved partner course

Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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